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61 years old
Roseburg, OR
"Ok, Let's Do This!"

About Me:

I am starting my profile over again after a few months of logging only but no communication with MFP folks. I just shutdown and needed to regroup. I never gained back any weight but I could not hit on any number to lose weight because I would not stick with anything long enough. I was also over-estimating my workouts per week. I would set my goal and then not meet it on exercise but I continued eating but evidently, due to continuing to eat right for the most part, I, thank God, did not gain my weight back. I just stayed at a plateau for months.

So, I recalculated my numbers and came up with 1400. After 2 weeks of staying near that and just starting back with exercise, I dropped a pound. Now I feel greatly encouraged and the plan is to stick with the 1400 and adding on at least most of my exercise calories. Always staying between my BMR and TDEE. But, 1400 a day could be that "just right" number to keep the scale moving down as I lose the fat slowly but in that healthy way many hear can attest to:)

Why I want to get in shape

I am 60 this month(December 2012) so I am more focused on health then looks. Although, being a rather vain, little thing, I do want to look as good as I can for as long as I can. There is so much I still want to do and there are too many older people I know that are falling, breaking hips, and literally giving up on any physical activities. I don't want to ever let that happen, only if I am stricken with some disease that gives me no other choice, or an accident. I want to enjoy life and be grateful by using the good health God has blessed me with:)

My Inspirations

  • Other people here that stick to it and succeed.
  • Older, active women like Betty White.
  • When people notice and ask what I am doing to stay so young:)
  • All the active things I still want to be able to do!


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