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""My Journey to Healthiness""

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I have been big all my life and in September of 2009 when my husband was diagnosed with cancer was my wake up call that my health was in desperate need to be changed. After my husband died in July of 2010, I finally went to the doctor and am now lined up for VGS and subsequent hernia repair.
So far to date, I am off blood pressure medication and my insulin shots keep decreasing... I AM getting healthier :)

I have diabetes....some say i am cured....some say i dont have it any more...but as far as i am concerned once a diabetic always a diabetic...it is how u control it...and not you. I was on 170 units a day....600 plus pounds... sept 25th 2009 i started on a 1500 cal diabetic diet. On feb 25th 2011 having lost 170 pounds(i was 430 then) I went on 1200 cal by a surgeons guidlines..and at times on 600-899 cal he put me into their weight loss program...getting ready for surgery...yes the gastric sleeve. I pushed myself with their program fine tuned what i ate..followed their diets and walked....I went totally off insulin mid october.....on dec 6th that year i had the gastric sleeve. i was 238 that morning. I still went ahead with it for i knew it was another tool i could use. IMO the sleeve helps get the weight off....with their diet program n exercise the weight will drop fast. does it alone get rid of diabetes??? imo no...it may help but the work relies on the person n the weight loss and lowering sugar levels helps the diabetes.
i still have type 2 diabetes...but i control it...it no longer controls me. there is no cure for diabetes....only control.

Why I want to get in shape

I need to get healthier now that I soon will be turning 50. My husband started this journey with me but I walk alone now. He is ever there over my shoulder pressing me forward.

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