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Lawrence, KS
"I'm going to do this!"

About Me:

Living as a single Dad with my two daughters
Father of six - four boys who are more or less grown and out on their own and 2 beautiful girls from India.
Kansas Jayhawk fan

Why I want to get in shape

I started on this journey because I was tired of being too fat to sit in a restaurant booth, of being humiliated and embarrassed every day by my appearance. I didn't want to be on diabetic and hypertension medicine any longer. And once I reach my goal weight and keep it off, I wanted to do whatever I can to help others to lose weight and to defeat the lie that many doctors, obese people, and others believe that only 2% of people can lose weight permanently. That false belief, I'm convinced, stops many from trying and contributes to doctors' almost universal practice of simply prescribing medication without focusing on truly helping their patients lose weight.

BUT NOW! - My blood sugars are normal and I no longer need any diabetic, hypertension, or other medicine. I can sit in any booth I want. I'm not nearly as embarrassed as I was, though I still am not happy with my body.

Heaviest Weight: ~335 (early 2000s)
Starting Weight: 306.6 (5/14/2012)
Interim weight (IW): 253 (8/15/2012)
IW: 245.6 (10/3/2012)
IW: 239.2 (10/19/2012)
IW: 228.2 (11/189/2012)
IW: 224.0 (11/26/2012)
IW: 217 (12/16/2012)
IW: 211.6 (12/23/2012)
IW: 205.2 (1/6/2013) - 100 pounds lost!
IW: 207.8 (2/21/2013)
IW: 250 (approx. 1/6/2014)
IW: 247.8 (1/13/2014)
IW: 238 .0 (2/8/2014)
IW: 273 (03/25/2015)
IW: 262.2 (4/9/2015)
IW: 273.6 (11/25/2016)

Start date: 5/14/2012
50 lbs. lost: approx. 8/14/2012
75+ lbs. lost: 11/19/2012
100 lbs. lost: 1/6/2013 (before slipping back to 250+ in 2013)
GW: 175 to 185 (depending on amount of lean mass)

My Inspirations

  • For myself - I want to feel good about myself.
  • My daughters have gained weight and I need to set a good example.
  • I want to be in top physical shape for the first time since before 8th grade.


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