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28 years old
Safford, AZ
"Change starts on the inside"

About Me:

*Friend Requests* - Please include a message with your friend request otherwise I will automatically deny it. Good luck with your weight loss journey!

** If we were once friends on here and now we are not understand it had NOTHING to do with you. Its not about "making the cut" etc. After taking such a long break from MFP I was overwhelmed with my newsfeed and really needed more interaction with people to reconnect again and this was hard to do with so many of my long time friends on here being in a different place than me. Please do not feel sad or offended, I'm sure we will still see each other again. If you've been gone a while and need a familiar face feel free to request me, we all have our moments, will be glad to see you back!

----------------------------About Me-----------------------------------

I'm a lot of things. I'm always keeping myself busy (too busy most of the time). I tend to throw myself into whatever I'm passionate about at that moment and that leaves other parts of my life lacking. I'm trying very hard to learn how to BALANCE my life and make good decisions that will have long term gratification. (unlike the piece of cheesecake or other goodies that comfort me all to often).

I've been overweight as long as I can remember. My downfall is emotional eating. I eat for every negative emotion there is sad, mad, bored, stressed, nervous, tired...I just eat to eat. Depending on how bad my mood is, I can eat easily eat a weeks worth of food in one sitting. Its not pretty.

I've only managed to lose a significant amount of weight once in my whole life, and for that ONE year I felt terrific. It wasn't just because of the weight loss, it was because of everything I was doing. I got involved, I had a life, and I felt good about what I was doing.

Then I lost it. I hit a wall of depression and all those good feelings were gone. This taught me I have to be in a good place mentally before I can be in one physically (the endorphins help though!)

Now I'm back at square one. This time I plan to focus on making improvements to my life for happiness not just for weight loss. I'm sure I'll see old habits pop up, I'll probably "virgo-out" (this is a phrase my cousin came up with for us virgos when we get into a tiff about the small things), and I'm sure I'll have some setbacks. But this time I want to reach that happy place and stay there no matter what life throws at me!

Upcoming Goals

August 15th 2013 - Lose 12lbs and win my dietbet! Show me the money!

Dec 31st 2013 - Survive the holiday season and be down 50lbs!

January 2014 - Sign up and walk/run the color run in Tempe Az!

Why I want to get in shape

Better self-esteem, better sex, a better life, a better everything!

My Inspirations

  • My BFF!
  • Knowing it can be done!


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