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38 years old
Levittown, PA
"I want to fix the world - Step 1 - Fix Myself"

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I haven't filled this out yet.

Why I want to get in shape

Tired of being fat. Its going to kill me if I don't

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I haven't filled this out yet.


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  • What do you wear when you weigh yourself?

    Tue 03/05/13 09:08PM I weigh in my underwear and shirt. after evacuating myself. the trick for me is not whether I wear something but to be consistent to remo...

  • Q: Do you eat your workout calories?

    Tue 03/05/13 09:06PM that is strange. I try not to eat my workout calories. I wont cry if I go over a little :-) the strange part is I never feel hungry afte...

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