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29 years old
Fort Wayne, IN

About Me:

**I keep an open diary, but don't post much. I don't have any special requirements for accepting friend requests; the more the merrier**

My weight peaked when I was in high school around 315 pounds. Football coaches suggested that I lose some weight to be faster for the next season, and I dropped about 40 pounds just by keeping a food log / portion control. I was right at 250 when I graduated HS.

Fast forward 4 years to Junior year of college, and I had managed to gain a few more pounds to 260. A friend got me into running, and I felt like losing more weight would be a good thing for my health (and confidence). Kept with the running thing, which helped me get below 200, something that I haven't seen since elementary school. Then I got married and relaxed the strict diet and stopped running as much, and my weight slowly climbed to almost 220 lbs January 2016.

CW: 207
GW: 1xx (just get below 200)
CBF: 18%
GBF: 16%

I enjoy distance running and strength training.

Why I want to get in shape

To show others that it's not that difficult, and can actually be fun and rewarding

My Inspirations

  • Outlast my son's energy
  • Being healthy
  • 6-pack abs are on my bucket list
  • My family


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