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49 years old
Brooklyn, NY
"Exercise is a privilege; and I truly am the luckiest lady in the world; I met a talented, energetic young trainer building his client base and his classes are truly Exercise Crack! "

About Me:

My name is Sara and I am a legal secretary in New York City, right across from The World Trade Center.

I have been a member of Lucille Roberts and the NYSC where I took 6 - 12 classes a week & also used the elliptical and rowing machines there. When my favorite trainer from Lucille went out on his own, I signed up for unlimited classes with him and I am really loving it. As he grew and expanded, I rounded out my exercise repertoire with online Groupon type deals for exercise classes and that way I've gotten to try new-to-me classes like aqua zumba, strip tease, etc.

My husband is in his 50's and my kids are in their 20's, and I try really hard to make healthy and nourishing meals for us. It's often a losing battle !!!

Why I want to get in shape

I was thin my whole life, until I approached my 40th birthday when my weight had spiraled from the low 120's to 139 lbs in a matter of a few months. I was on my way to becoming borderline obese & had a hard time climbing stairs. I thought that was part of being middle-aged, but my doctor diagnosed me with an underactive thyroid, put me on Synthroid, and insisted that I lose the weight I gained, if at all possible.

I had been active my whole life, dancing and running track in high school, and doing aerobics in college. As my kids got older, I took step aerobic classes at night, then bought a recumbant bike and did exercise tapes at home. I couldn't believe that my thin days were over ....

Anyway, my doctor called me every so often to make sure that I was doing okay on the Synthroid, exercising, and not stuffing myself (his words, not mine). It took me five long months of hard work, exercise and eating right, but I went from 139 to 113 lbs. I then packed on another 10 lbs of muscle and ended up right where I started, low 120's. (I was so grumpy that my kids thought I had gone through menopause but I guess that's a different discussion.)

One day, I walked by a gym near my office, and a little voice in my head said JOIN. And I did! I met friends with similar goals, love wearing cute exercise clothes, and have tried activities I never thought i would enjoy, like boxing and bellydancing.

My goal is to keep building muscle and keep my bodyfat low as I age. So far, so good.

My Inspirations

  • I inspire myself. Because I'm vain. :)
  • The thought of dancing around barely dressed is enough to get me to the gym !!!
  • It's motivating to get to the gym since I get fresh bagels on the way back!


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