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51 years old
Brooklyn, NY
""It's not fitness. It's LIFE.""

About Me:

Hello and thanks for reading! My name is Sara and I am a legal secretary in New York City, right across from The World Trade Center.

I have been a member of Lucille Roberts, the New York Sports Club, and Blink Fitness, where I took 6 - 12 classes a week & also used the elliptical, rowing machines, Battle Ropes and the Stairmaster. When my favorite trainer from Lucille went out on his own, I signed up for unlimited classes with him which I really loved. I rounded out my exercise repertoire with online Groupon type deals for exercise classes and that way I've gotten to try new-to-me classes like aqua zumba, strip tease, etc. After 3 years, I returned to the gym experience and joined The Equinox which is truly posh and makes working out almost a spa experience. All the instructors and trainers are either celebrity trainers, former athletes or just darn good at what they do!

My husband is in his 50's and gluten free, red meat free, dairy free and sugar free, my kids are in their 20's and probably should be eating that way too, and I try really hard to make healthy and nourishing meals for us. It's really difficult !!!

Why I want to get in shape

I was thin my whole life, until I approached my 40th birthday when my weight had spiraled from the low 120's to 139 lbs in a matter of a few months. I was on my way to becoming borderline obese & had a hard time climbing stairs. I thought that was part of being middle-aged, but my doctor diagnosed me with an underactive thyroid, put me on Synthroid, and insisted that I lose the weight I gained, if at all possible.

I had been active my whole life, dancing and running track in high school, and doing aerobics in college. As my kids got older, I took step aerobic classes at night, then bought a recumbant bike and did exercise tapes at home. I couldn't believe that my thin days were over ....

Anyway, my doctor called me every so often to make sure that I was doing okay on the Synthroid, exercising, and not stuffing myself (his words, not mine). It took me five long months of hard work, exercise and eating right, but I went from 139 to 113 lbs. I then packed on another 10 lbs of muscle and ended up right where I started, low 120's. (I was so grumpy that my kids thought I had gone through menopause but I guess that's a different discussion.)

One day, I walked by a gym near my office, and a little voice in my head said JOIN. And I did! I met friends with similar goals, love wearing cute exercise clothes, and have tried activities I never thought i would enjoy, like boxing and bellydancing. I have been exercising hard for more than 10 years now!

Now that I’m 50 years old, I’m working hard to keep my core strong as that’s where the fat accumulates. I’m still building muscle and trying to keep my body fat low as I age. It goes up and down and I chart it here.

My Inspirations

  • I inspire myself. Because I'm vain. :)
  • I love my wild spandex gym clothes!


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