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30 years old
Port Charlotte, FL
"DIET is a four letter word!"

About Me:

Working mommy of two. Happily married :) wanting to look and feel better.

Highest non-pregnant weight ~ approx 205
MFP SW: 158

I lift weights.
I do the occasional cardio.

To-Do List:
enter a weight lifting competition... I feel like I need to make some more progression my lifts first.
Current PRs:
DL: 140x3 (I know, not that great.. working on it)
Squat: 125x2
Bench: 80x2(grrr...)
OHP: 75x2 (another sad face here)

{7/27/14) The above is on hold....

Run a marathon
I pre-registered for a 5k(date TBA). It's nothing big; everyone has to start somewhere
- I am currently working on C25K (treadmill/week 4). I started the C25K before signing up for the 5k. As the date of the 5k isn't announced yet, I plan on completing the treadmill version, then taking it outside.
*6/1/14 - completed C25k(treadmill version). Should have been a few days earlier, but due to life/laziness... pushed back a couple runs...

6/14~ Vacation Mode! Taking a week off, RL and MFP. Will be reassessing/updating goals and priorities! Will be back 6/22!!!

***********690 Days logged!***********

decided to go ahead and let the ticker reset!

6/22 - Back at it! Had to reset the ticker...Blech. Life goes on! Reset goals to 'lose .5lb/week'
I log exercise as 1 calorie burned and let my BodyMedia make up the difference.

Why I want to get in shape

- To feel and look healthier.
- To set an example for my two young boys. They are little now, so they pretty much burn through everything they eat.. but that won't always be the case. I want them to see that a healthy diet and exercise make you healthy.
- To feel attractive (I know that goes along with looking healthy, but.. o well, my page, deal with it!)

My Inspirations

  • My family
  • Cute clothes
  • Seeing a strong/fit person when I look in the mirror


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