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"My Journey To A Healthier Me (:"

About Me:

Hi I'm Chanelle I'm 20years old I live in Cape Town South Africa I'm a 2nd year Psychology, German foreign language and Linguistics student.
When I started MFP I was leading a very unhealthy life style, No exercise, eating a lot of fast food ect. With the help of MFP and a dietician I have changed that drastically in the last 3-4 months. Right now I am currently Maintaining but trying to tone. I wouldn't mind losing another 2kgs by December but I want to do it by exercising more and not by eating less.

Starting Day 25 May 2012
Weight: 60.1kg • 132 lb
BMI: 23
Fat Mass: 18.8kg
Muscle Mass: 40kgs
Body Fat Percentage: 35%

My Goal Weight: 55kg • 121 lb • 20.2 bmi *Achieved* (19-07-12)
My Height 1.65m - 5'5"

Current stats as of 15 August 2012
Weight: 54.1kg • 120 lb
BMI: 19.8
Fat Mass: 13.7kg
Muscle Mass: 38.3kgs
Body Fat Percentage: 25%

Waist: 59cm
Hip: 88cm
Neck: 27cm

Ultimate Goal Weight is 52kg • 114 lb • 19.1 bmi

Why I want to get in shape

I want to Run Skip Climb and Move like I want to without getting tired. I want to be physically active and keep my body healthy. I want The Legs The Abs The Biceps that come from lots of exercise. I want to go to the beach, strip down to my bikini and not feel one ounce of awkwardness. I want to get in shape cause I Love lean muscle ♥

My Inspirations

  • I want to be healthier and fit as I go into my 20s
  • I want to look good in a bikini
  • Mini Skirts And High Heels
  • Just feeling good about myself ☺


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