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33 years old
Old Costessey Ward, EN
"The beginning of the rest of my life ..."

About Me:

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I started using MyFitnessPal in July 2012, having tried to lose weight before and really thought I would end up being fat for the rest of my life. It truly makes you see what you're putting into your body and how easy it is to eat healthy. No diets, just healthy eating and it's brilliant!

By February 2013, I'd lost 8 stone, my BMI had come down from near 50 to just above 30. Since then, I've effectively been maintaining, weight fluctuating (around +/- 2lbs). I know that fuelling the body correctly is essential, the rest of this excess fat I have won't go without regular excercise and increasing weight lifting. Muscle burns more than fat!

Now, February 2014, I've reset my weight loss counter. Recently a friend did the same and I'm kinda doing it for the same reasons. I've lost a huge amount of weight. I've gone from being grossly obese to what most would describe as being overweight (although not quite in that BMI category). My BMI has dropped from 48/49 to around 33. I've lost around 12 inches from around my waist. However that first part of my weight loss is done. I'm no longer the chap who has lost 8 stone (113 lbs). Today, I've reset my counter to 0. I'm the somewhat overweight chap who wants to lose the rest of the unhealthy fat, tone up and increase physical definition, through eating well and exercise.

My weightloss photos on Flickr:

Why I want to get in shape

100% for me!

I want to get fit to improve my health now and for the future. I also want to be able to fit into clothes sizes you find in shops!

My Inspirations

  • To live a long and healthy life
  • To be around for those I care about
  • To look better in clothes
  • To enjoy having more energy


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