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59 years old
Toronto, ON
"I want to live to be 100+."

About Me:

Weight has been a problem most of my life, but before 25 it was way too thin, now its way too much. Have exercised/dieted before and dropped my weight nicely but in 1999 I developed a heel spur which restricted my walking (which is the only exercise I really like to do) and then in 2002 I injured my knee which restricted my mobility a little year by year until I had a plate put in in 2010. Until I joined MFP I really didn't know how much my meals had been "supersized". Now I think I'm on my way.

Why I want to get in shape

I want to - have my health, mobility and brain for as long as I can and hope to live past 100.

PS. I have not opened my diary as I follow a mostly primal diet and am not interested in advice against it. It is working for me. I use the forums to learn but also rely on many other websites like livestrong and marksdailyapple for advice. I also (right now) do not accept friend requests.

My Inspirations

  • Setting short and long term goals
  • Shopping at regular stores not oversized ones
  • Throwing away my high blood pressure meds if possible
  • NOT becoming diabetic


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