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Memorial Square, GA
"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

About Me:

I am a avid MMO and RPG gamer. I mostly play World of Warcraft and paper and pen RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons. I am a full time student, and I work part-time in a comic shop.

I love to run, and I walk or ride my bike everywhere. Public transit is how I get around town. I still don't know how to drive.

Height: 5'4"
Highest weight: 172 lbs.
Current weight: 149.8 lbs.
Current Body Fat: 24.76%
Goal weight: 125-135 lbs
Goal Body Fat: 16-20 %

Benchmark Rewards (didn't start this until I lost 20 lbs.):
20lbs lost: a new pair of work out pants(X)
25lbs lost: Nerd Fitness Shirt()
30lbs lost:Order a copy of a volume of a favorite web comic()

Run in the MLKDay 5K: a pair either Merrel Barefoot shoes or Vibram Five Fingers ()
Run In the Peachtree Road Race: A daytrip to a local park with friends for a hike and picnic ()

Why I want to get in shape

I want to be healthier so that I can have a long life ahead of me so that I can enjoy all that life has to offer and share them with my kids I hope to have in the future.

I want to be able to run a 5k like I did before I injured myself and pushed off my fitness so that I feel the joy of completing a race again.

I got tired of being told by my doctor and my mum that I need to lose weight.

My Inspirations

  • My mum, I don't want to deal with diabetes like she has to.
  • My Boyfriend, we are working together to lose weight
  • Living a long, healthy life.
  • Awesome cosplay ideas I have.


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