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28 years old
Melbourne, VI
"Trying to lose my baby weight"

About Me:

My name is Lucy i am 25 years old from Melbourne Australia i have two kids who are 3 and 4 years old so they are pretty close together,.I was a size 6 before i had my kids thats a AU size and that is actually very small i am now a aize 12...i gained all the weight after my 2nd child and since then have had trouble losing it.I have been on and off diffrent fad diets but now i am doing it right by exersice and keeping in my calorie intake.

Why I want to get in shape

For my partner the love of my life. I want him to be more attracted to me again and want us to be the way we used to be. I hate when my kids call me fat and i want to change for them.

My Inspirations

  • My partner
  • My old photos
  • wakeing up from being breathless
  • my kids


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    Tue 12/25/12 11:50PM I want to see before and after pics BUT i would also like it if you could add how you actually did it and what you eat on a verage day......

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