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"I have been overweighted for twenty years. It is about time to change!"

About Me:

I am a pharmacist and I know the problems of being obese. But this obesity has lingered over me for twenty years. It is about time to change.

Why I want to get in shape

Three years ago there was a myxoid liposarcoma developed on my belly fat. It was removed and treated. During the treatment, I found that some indexes of my body check had gone wrong; blood sugar, blood pressure and uric acid were on borderlines. Also my strength decreased. Doctor said that I was out of shape. I agreed. I thought it is the time I have to do something to make me healthier and feeling better. After 6 months with mfp, I have reached my weight loss goal. All health indexes are normal. Happily I changed my entire wardrobes. Right now I am trying to keep my body weight at this level (bmi<22) for another year.

My Inspirations

  • Living happily and positively for the rest of my life.
  • Build up muscle and strength.
  • Inspire my friends to follow suit.
  • Make exercise as my daily routine.


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