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About Me:

***Friend requests without a courtesy message will be denied. No message tells me you didn't take the time to read my profile, which means you aren't really interested in me as a person, so why would you want me as a friend?***

My name is Nicholette, I am 32 years old, I'm a Christian, I'm a SAHM to my wonderful 3.5 year old son & my husband and I will celebrate 12 years on September 30th (5 years married-same anniversary).

I have met many goals since I started tracking my food and activity. Right now my goal is to train for an ultra marathon which is in October of this year and get my 2014 miles in for 2014. Here's a bit about my progression:

SW: 300 pounds
275 pounds **reached 7/9/2012
250 pounds **reached 9/8/2012
225 pounds **reached 11/05/12
199 pounds **reached 01/11/13
190 pounds **reached 04/22/13
180 pounds **reached 08/04/13 (my 32nd birthday!)
174 pounds -- healthy BMI
150 pounds -- will ultimately depend on BF%

Update 12/30/2013, I reset my ticker to a starting weight of 200 pounds. I gained some weight back in 2013 and I think that maybe mentally restarting will help me achieve my goals.

Update 06/23/2014, I have had some issues staying on track since the beginning of the year. Really since I started running half marathons in September 2013. The more I increased my running volume the more I ate, unfortunately the ratio was off! I started my ultra marathon training today and think that I am finally ready to commit to proper fueling techniques and nutrition habits. I'm hoping to see some significant body recomp during the next 16 weeks.

More about me? Visit my blog:

Why I want to get in shape

I want to be healthy!!! I want to continue to avoid the weight related illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain, high cholesterol, heart disease, etc.

I want to be fit!!! I want to be strong! I want to be Super Mom! I want to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to play sports as an adult. I want to out run my kiddo. I want to set a good example for my family. Hubby doesn't use any app to track but through healthier habits has lost 100 pounds as well. He's within his ideal weight range and now will begin focusing more on body composition.

I don't want my son to ever remember me being overweight. I don't want him to ever worry about my health. I want to enjoy a long life with him & my husband! ❤❤❤

Fairly new obsession with running...
1981-1999 races ran: 1
2000-2012 races ran: 1
2013 races ran: 30
2014 races: 25 (as of 08/17)
TRAINING FOR MY FIRST ULTRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2014 race schedule:
Sun 01/05 RMRR Twin Lakes 10k **01:02:26**
Sun 01/19 3wraces Arctic Prairie Dog Half Marathon **02:25:14**
Sat 02/08 3wraces Virtual Heart Throb 5k **30:25**
Sat 02/08 3wraces Heart Throb 5k **29:08**
Sun 02/09 RMRR Platte River Bar & Grill 7M **01:13:34**
Sat 03/15 3wraces Erin Go Braugh 7.77k **49:26**
Sun 04/06 Platte River Half Marathon **02:22:03**
Sun 04/13 3wraces Spring Prairie Dog Half Marathon **02:45:13** (pacing a first time half marathoner in inclement weather, yuck!)
Sat 04/26 Westlake Middle School 5k **29:56**
Sat 05/03 3wraces Women's Classic 10M **01:54:38**
Sat 05/10 3wraces Women's Classic 10M **01:49:48**
Sat 05/17 Autism Awareness Half Marathon **02:31:26**
Mon 05/26 BolderBoulder Memorial Day 10k **01:03:46**
Sun 06/01 SkirtSports Half Marathon **02:32:04**
Thu 06/05 3wraces 6-pack series race one 5k **30:24**
Sat 06/07 3wraces Endurance House 5k **32:59**
(pushing LilB in the stroller + he ran part way)
Sun 06/15 3wraces Father's Day Classic 1-miler **13:48**
(LilB's first official race with no stroller, he ran the whole way!)
Thu 06/26 3wraces 6-pack series race two 5k **36:49**
(pushing stroller and LilB running approximately 1 mile)
Sat 06/28 Slacker Half Marathon **02:14:25** NEW PR!!!
Fri 07/04 3wraces Let Freedom Run 5k **01:11:37**
(LilB's first 5k without the stroller, he walked a lot but ran too!)
Sun 07/13 Colorado Running Festival Half Marathon **03:05:28**
(First trail half marathon, mostly single track technical mountain trail)
Thu 07/24 3wraces 6-pack series race three 5k **33:20**
Sun 07/27 3wraces Summer Prairie Dog Half Marathon **02:46:13**
(First half marathon pushing LilB in the stroller!!)
Tues 07/29 3wraces Endurance House 5k **helped a pal PR**
Sat 08/16 Glenwood Springs Half Marathon **03:13:01**
(Trail half marathon, featuring "the hill" 4 miles straight up then back down + single track technical mountain trail)
Thu 08/28 3wraces 6-pack series race five 5k
Sat 9/06 Tommy Knocker 50k Ultra Marathon
Thu 09/18 3wraces 6-pack series race six 5k
Sat 09/20 3wraces Autumn Prairie Dog Half Marathon
Sun-Sun 10/12-13 24-Hours of Boulder Ultra Marathon
(24-hour solo endurance race)
Sat 11/22 3wraces Turkey Trek 10k

2013 race schedule:
Sun 03/03 09:00 RMRR 3-miler **32:34**
Tue 04/16 18:30 Dash & Dine #1 5k **35:05**
Sat 04/20 09:00 Earth Day Race for Open Space 5k **33:37**
Tue 04/23 18:30 Dash & Dine #2 5k **30:08**
Tue 04/30 18:30 Dash & Dine #3 5k **29:46**
Sun 05/05 08:00 RMRR 5-miler **49:50**
Tue 05/07 18:30 Dash & Dine #4 5k **29:49**
Tue 05/14 18:30 Dash & Dine #5 5k **30:32**
Tue 05/21 18:30 Dash & Dine #6 5k **29:40**
Mon 05/27 09:00 BolderBoulder 10k **01:08:24**
Sun 06/02 08:00 RMRR 4k Race & Pancake Breakfast **22:37**
Tues 06/25 18:30 Five for Fire 5k Fun Run #1 **32:33**
Sun 07/07 08:00 RMRR 2-miler **18:39**
Tues 07/09 18:30 Five for Fire 5k Fun Run #2 **30:43**
Tues 07/23 18:30 Five for Fire 5k Fun Run #3 **30:24**
Fri 08/02 18:30 RMRR 5k Race & Summer BBQ **28:59**
Tues 08/06 18:30 Five for Fire 5k Fun Run #4 **32:21**
(ran w/LilB-part along side him, part with him in the stroller)
Tues 08/20 18:30 Five for Fire 5k Fun Run #5 **36:53**
(ran w/LilB-part along side him, part with him in the stroller)
Tues 08/27 18:30 3wraces Trail Run 5k **30:34**
(technical trail run w/lots of single track)
Tues 09/03 18:30 3wraces Trail Run 5k **30:28**
(same course as race above)
Sat 09/07 08:00 RMRR 8-miler or 5k **01:22:45**
Sat 09/21 08:00 3wraces Prairie Dog Half Marathon **02:33:06**
(first ever Half Marathon!)
Tues 10/01 6:15 3wraces Trail Run 5k **30:19**
(same course mentioned above)
Sat 10/05 09:00 RMRR 10-miler **01:55:50**
Sun 10/06 07:00 Hot Chocolate 5k **28:44** NEW PR!!
Sat 10/26 Kooky Spooky Half Marathon **02:25:41**
Sat 11/02 10th Anniversary Paul Derda 10k **61:00** NEW PR!!
Sun 11/03 09:00 RMRR 9-miler or 5k **01:44:49**
Sat 11/09 09:00 3wraces Anthem 5k **28:45**
Sun 12/01 09:00 RMRR 4.5-miler **46:25**

3WRaces is the local race and humanitarian organization that I started racing with in 2013. Now I work for them in promotions and marketing as well as an ambassador and sponsored runner. I've met some of my closest real life running friends this way.

My Inspirations

  • My son & my husband! They're great workout buddies!
  • The amazing success stories of my MFP friends!
  • Strong gorgeous women everywhere!
  • My running family!


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