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38 years old
Camp Hill, PA
"Get out of your head about it .. just show up .. show up .. keep pushin play .. keep pushin play."

About Me:

I have an awesome family, wife and 4 kids. I run and do P90X mostly. I play some softball and golf and I've done a Tough Mudder (another coming up in SEPT '14). I've logged 14 half marathons and 1 full and a slew of other varying distance races. My goal is to eventually run a half in every state ... 50 halves before I'm 50. 7 States down, 43 to go!

Why I want to get in shape

I want to set a good example for my kids and be healthy enough to enjoy life with my wife after they are out on their own.

My Inspirations

  • My Kids
  • My Wife
  • My other friends and family
  • Tony Horton - I swear he's talking directly to me in those videos.


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  • I did 1 chin-up

    Mon 06/23/14 04:21PM ahhh, I read reverse as the grip ... front, reverse, wide etc. you could try some back strengthening exercises .. rows and the like.

  • I did 1 chin-up

    Mon 06/23/14 04:11PM Do assisted pull ups (1 foot on a chair) to take away some of the weight. I did that for months until I was strong enough to do them w...

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