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30 years old
Galloway, OH
"Kickin' it Old School"

About Me:

27, high school teacher in the most stressful position in the school, married, dog lover who is looking forward to one last calm year before the whirlwind of craziness hits...this time next year we'll be hopefully expecting a little one and buying a house. Hoping to lose this weight and get fit before next March but I'm pushing for the end of the year!

Why I want to get in shape

Knowing that the craziness is around the corner means I need to drop another 28 pounds and hit a very realistic goal weight before it all happens! I've tried the gym and diet plans (wws twice!) and it just doesn't cut it so I'm kickin' it old school....healthy (er) eating and working out at least five days a week. 9 weeks in and 9 pounds down! :)

My Inspirations

  • Being healthy before we start having children.
  • Look good in a bikini!
  • To make the haters...hate more :)


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