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I'm 27, been with my boyfriend for nearly 12 years and living with him for the past 4.

Why I want to get in shape

It's not that I want to get into shape, it's that I want more muscle mass!

My weight is now fine, I've been told by multiple strangers and colleagues that of course I can eat all the time (they never seem to catch me without food in my hand) because I'm "so skinny". I'm not but I'm definitely as slim if not slightly slimmer than the average person. I still have trouble accepting that I'm not overweight, I still pick up clothes that are size 16-18 in the shops, I still think I can't fit through small gaps and I still fall against work surfaces that I go to lean on because I think that I'm big enough that I can lean from a further distance away.

I want muscles, I want to benchpress at least my bodyweight, I want to deadlift x2 my bodyweight, I want my bodyfat to be 16-20%, I want to be stronger than the average man I guess.

My Inspirations

  • I want to be stronger than some of the men in the gym, might take a while!


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