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42 years old

About Me:

Sick and tired of letting something that is in my control stop me! Time for a change!

SW: 194
CW: 188
GW: ????? (145 ish- depends on how it sits)

180: first mini goal
170: second mini goal
160: first reward- romantic photos with hubby
150: third mini goal
140: fourth mini goal- reward family portraits
135: Scandalous pics :)

Why I want to get in shape

Want to be healthier. Feel better mentally and physically. Feel younger. Keep up with my husband when we go to CO!

My Inspirations

  • Closet full of clothes that I can't wear anymore.
  • Awesome family pictures!
  • Look good for my husband and kids :)
  • Time to like what I see :)


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  • Advice needed please

    Mon 02/17/14 01:19PM I guess I need to clarify my wording on that...... I need to lose 30 to 40. I have 17 weeks til vacation. I DO NOT expect to lose that ...

  • Advice needed please

    Mon 02/17/14 12:27PM 42 year old female needing to lose and tone (30-40 lbs...will just depend on how it sits). 17 weeks til BEACH vacation. Any suggestions...

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