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49 years old
Halifax, NS
"Middle aged guy trying to maintain a healthy weight"

About Me:

Middle aged professional - lost 60 pounds in 7 months and have maintained that weight loss since Nov , 2012. I cycle to work everyday - I cover between 34 - 50 kms in 1.5+ hours, average heart rate ranges from 126 - 140 with peaks in the mid 160s.

Why I want to get in shape

I started being concerned about my weight back in April 2012 when I hit 240 pounds - since then I have ramped up my exercise, mostly by cycling to work and back. I also started using Calorie Counter to watch my calories and to make sure I am getting the right nutrients. Seeing it listed every day sure helps me very much.

I am still finding the weekends a little more difficult - my meals are less planned and thought out, so can drift into the unhealthy zone. I struggle on occasion with making good choices - burgers, fries and hot dogs are my weakness.

I've started using myfitnesspal because a good friend is using it and I want to be able to give him support.

My Inspirations

  • health
  • looking forward to a healthy and active retirement
  • having clothes fit properly
  • being regular :)


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