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60 years old
Tiverton, RI

About Me:

The reason I'm here is a bit different than most. I am maintaining and have been for many years. I lost 40 pounds three times, after the birth of my 3 children. It was not until I discovered the secret of reducing sugar and the Russian Kettlebell that I was able to lose and maintain.

Several years ago, my doctor ordered me to start lifting weights for my bones. He described my bones as those of an 85 year old. It all brought me to the place I am now. I am a certified nutrition & wellness consultant and a certified athletic trainer, specializing in the Russian Kettlebell. My videos can be seen on my utube channel and more and more will be coming out.

I want to share my knowledge, but particularly spread the word of Dr. Lustig and Ludwig, the two doctors who are pioneering educating the country about the dangers of sugar and the role of it in the obesity we are seeing now. To quote Dr. Lustig, "It's not the fat folks, it's not the fat.

I can not sit back and not the share the knowledge I have obtained from these doctors and others. Our children need to be rescued from this toxic marketing. With knowledge, we gain power!

In giving, we receive. Personally, I am not happy unless I'm doing that!

Why I want to get in shape

I want to keep Osteoporosis reversed.
I want to be able to continue rollerblading.
I want to be an example for my 5 children.
I want to feel young my whole life!!I

My Inspirations

  • The doctor told me my bones looked as if they were 85 years old!
  • I wanted to be able to roller blade again.


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