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  • Thinking Thin

    Since I posted my last blog about "The Thin Woman's Brain" I have received so much wonderful feedback in the form of comments, emails, and messages.  People who have been looking for the switch and people who have found it!!  It is so eciting to me t...

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  • In defense of the excuse

    If we were to cut to the heart of all the things it takes to lose weight, we would find that being honest with yourself is the absolute most important thing you can do.  For every way of eating and exercising there has been at least one successful ...

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  • Please Quiet the Heck Down, I am Exercising!

    Gym goers are often annoying, and on occasion I would like to say, "Have a nice cup of shut the FRONT door!" If you are serious about losing weight, you've probably gone to a gym, or possibly thought about joining one.It's unforntuate that you can't ...

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  • Flipping the Switch 💡

    I have long questioned why some people can have a delicious meal or a luscious dessert then put down their fork and say "Wow!  That was delicious!!  I'm stuffed!" while I could eat the very same food items and as I reach for another spoonful say "Wow...

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  • Internal force required

    My usual happy, upbeat self is dampened and soggy as of late. Some things have not quite worked out as I'd hoped, and the pile of them finally was enough to weigh me down.  My mood is sour, my outlook negative and overall I've been a bonafied grumpy-...

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  • Finding Normal

    It is no secret that I've been struggling big time. I've stopped blogging because I have tired of telling people that I failed and started over again . . . . and again, and again, and again. I still haven't quit but I'm still finding it necessary to ...

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  • Cancer Sucks

    Some of you know that I have been around here for a few years. It's not that important. I stuck with the plan and lost a lot of weight, not to mention I can run a marathon and fit in some much smaller clothes.I also made some people on the message bo...

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  • 25 Reasons You Might Not Have Logged In

    Today is 11100110101days on MFP - well if you are fluent in binary. For the rest of you, it's 1845 days. I don't log food so much anymore. Why? Because I know how many calories everything that I eat is. Some days I have new dish and I will log that.I...

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  • Sewing on Buttons

    I lost a button on my skort last week.  It fell off in my hand when I was getting ready for bed so I figured I would make the repair after they had been laundered.  I'm not much of a seamstress but I CAN sew on buttons!!  So I got my needle and threa...

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  • So much a mind game!!

    Today was Day #2 on SmartPoints. It doesn't seem too bad actually!! I think in the big picture it was a good thing that I have been off the program for a while. I have essentially forgotten how many PointsPlus were in things so it truly is like start...

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  • Challenging Yourself to Do Better

    I run slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter! This shirt always made me laugh. I was a real slow poke when I started running. My walking miles are faster now than my running miles were in the beginning. Things have changed! Re...

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  • Another path . . .

    I have been stumbling and falling and picking myself up for months.  Who's falt is it exactly?  MINE -- there is no question about that.  I haven't given up . . . but I certainly am not putting my best foot forward -- I keep letting life get in my wa...

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  • The double-edged sword of size

    In responding to a post today I, myself realized how different perspectives are about how fat or thin someone is.  I'm not to my goal weight, but as I've said before I'm not far off.  I look less now at how many pounds I weigh and more at how I look ...

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  • What's in the cupboard?

    I have long realized the easiest way to not eat something is to simply not have it in the cupboard.  It doesn't matter how badly I want to snack, if it isn't in the cupboard, I can't eat it.  My bonus daughter looked at me in puzzlement last week whe...

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  • Barbells and Booty

    The following is a testimonial from my client Kate. I'm sharing this for a few reasons. Obviously one reason is that I coach people for a living and so showing off their progress serves as a way to demonstrate my coaching. But lets be real for a...

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  • I am Strong, but I am Tired!

    I think about all the inspiration I have received in my life. I have my heroes. I need to do more in life than hang on for the ride.I need to get out there and live it!Yesterday I was back at the doctor for a follow up to February's surgery. It was a...

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  • One Day at a Time

    I'm not sure who coined the phrase -- "One Day at a Time" . . . but whoever did was brilliant.  One Day at a Time.  Yesterday no longer matters and tomorrow isn't here.  Today is the only day over which we have any control.  Since my recommittment th...

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  • What works, what doesn't

    It's been a very long time since I last blogged -- almost a month!  My slip (which progressed to a slide and now has me spiraling downward) started with sickness. After I suffered the original illness and then the relapse it was two full weeks before...

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  • Twisted Inspirational Quotes for Weight Losers Remix

    When I read the wisdom of the ages, I can't help but have my own thoughts - how scary is that?  "I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." Jimmy Dean I can't change the direction of the wind,...

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  • Sugar. Scapegoat and Scaremongering? Something to Monitor?

      As with most things in fitness and nutrition, people tend to take rather extreme viewpoints on a given topic.  Sugar seems to be no exception, with people making claims such as: “It’s more addictive than cocaine!” (Until people start eating str...

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