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24 years old
Saxilby Ward, EN
"Cake will not defeat me!!"

About Me:


If you send a friend request, pleeeease put a message otherwise I don't know why you wanna be my friend- other then the fact I'm blatantly awesome ;D


Anyways, always struggled with my weight- when I was younger I over ate and under excerised when I was in my teens and early twenties tried to turn it around by eating about 800/900 and bingeing when it got too hard. As you can tell this royally messed up my metablism!

Came to MFP after a tip off from a friend- this is my second time around but I'm actually seeing results and have an actual aim or two!


* To be at roughly my half way stage at New Years!
* To cosplay as at least one of the following; Grimmjow (Bleach) or Misty (Pokemon) by the end of 2014!
* To be able to wear fashion sized trousers O:

Why I want to get in shape

For my health- I have issues with my feet and the favourite phase of the doctors and physios is 'less weight the better'.

To prove I can- there have been so many failed attempts at loosing weight for me, I'm am so pleased to find one that's not only working but I'm enjoying

So I can fore fill my potential - I know I can be so much better, confident and damn right smexy if I was healthy!!

Be less embarrassed- in photographs, when shopping and so I can stop thinking that everyone's watching me and critising me.

To NOT be the cousin with the lovely personality - to be that plus the cousin with the great figure ;D

My Inspirations

  • Brendan - the guy who sent me to the site
  • Dita von Tease - amazing woman, great inspiration!
  • Future Frando - she needs to get out there!


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