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47 years old
Orleans, ON
"In Honor of My Mother"

About Me:

I'm a copywriter, consultant, marketer, and owner of several online businesses with my beautiful wife, Sylvie Fortin. I have four grown kids all still living at home. They've seen the remarkable transformation I've went through in the last year (having lost close to 100 pounds in all).

Why I want to get in shape

My mom passed away last year of galdbladder cancer. I had gallstones at the same time, so it gave me pause. Plus, on her deathbed my mom told me I was getting fat. Add that to the fact that my wife is a cancer survivor, too, I decided "enough is enough." I started this journey.

My Inspirations

  • Better fitting clothes
  • No more drugs (arthritis, asthma, pain, acid reflux)
  • No more walking with canes
  • Living a long, healthy life


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