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36 years old
Bolton, EN
"There's a 95% failure rate for long term weight loss success (more than 5 years). The reality is, most people who lose the weight will gain it back within a few months or years. Keeping a food diary is one tool that can help you beat the odds."

About Me:

I'm Faye, I'm married with 2 children.

I found Myfitnesspal at my highest weight and lowest ebb (my search to start a diet had led me to pro-ana and bulimia sites where one person recommended mfp to log).
I started at 272.8lbs (Weight on doctors records) and was down to 265.8 when I first weighed in on MFP.
I'm 5ft5.5 (for the longest time I thought I was 5ft 4.5 but apparently not!) and came here to get my BMI to 30 so we could commence Assisted Fertility treatment.

BMI has gone from 44 to 29.1 (as of 10 May 2013)
7 stone(98lb) lost.

I gained 40.6lbs during pregnancy

100LB LOST: *****DONE*******
Goal 9: 8 stone lost (112lb)
Goal 10: 9 stone lost (126lb)
Milestone 1: 210lb (the weight I was 9 years ago) 8 May 12
Milestone 2: ONEderland 6 Sep 2012
Milestone 3:183- MOVE FROM OBESE TO OVERWEIGHT 28 Jan 13 and again 14 Dec 2014
Milestone 4: 151 (10st 11) top end of healthy weight for my height.


Why I want to get in shape

Assisted Fertility treatment:
Assessment: May 9th 2012
Exploratory op: Aug 21st 2012
Follow up: Oct 10th 2012
IUI 1ST ATTEMPT: Mar 2nd 2013 *BFN*
IUI 2ND ATTEMPT: Apr 20th 2013 *BFP*
BABY DUE 8th Jan 2014
Matilda arrived 11 Jan 2014 :)

Over my 800 days of MFP (reached 21st Jan 2014) my reasons for wanting to get into shape have changed.

1. When I started to show an interest in the pro-ana sites I knew I had to change something

2. I wanted to lose weight for fertility treatment. I did this and now have a wonderful daughter.

3. I'm finally happy in my own skin, I like what I see in the mirror even though I'm not at a target weight/shape yet, I'm more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have been. Everything I achieve from now only adds to my confidence :)

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