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45 years old
Austin, TX
"Boxing My Way to Fitness"

About Me:

I'm a business consultant, dog walker, fractional and contract worker. I'm also a committed exerciser, these days, very into boxing and personal training. I've already lost about 100 lbs., but as I progress, I'm concerned that I'm sabotaging myself by not being in balance. I've come to an odd place where my trainers are worried that I'm working out too much and eating too little. So I'm hoping this app will help me stay balanced.

Why I want to get in shape

I want to live a long, healthy life. I want to enjoy the activities I want to enjoy. I want to continue on my athletic road, becoming more muscular, stronger, fitter. I love the progress I've made already, can't wait to keep it going. I also want to not just fit into old clothes (got there already), but blow past the smallest sizes I've worn as an adult. I'm very close to that, looking forward to a bikini someday!

My Inspirations

  • Being a strong boxer/lifter
  • Looking sexy!
  • Feeling good
  • The look on my parents' face every time they see me progress


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