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"I'm grateful to have a healthy body and a happy soul =) "

About Me:

Update: I need to re-lose about 15-20 pounds I gained back in the past year due to self-indulgence overcoming self-control. If I don't log, I eat too much. That's all there is to it.

Previously I'd lost 90 pounds in 18 months once I figured out what works for me, which is to focus on good nutrition and get plenty of exercise.

**** BTW: I'm not looking for dates so don't waste your time "friending" me for that purpose ;-)

Why I want to get in shape

Heath, sanity, and vanity.

Annual physical results:

Total VLDL = 12 (goal <30) ~~~~
Total HDL = 69 (goal >40) ~~~~
Non HDL = 90 (goal <160) ~~~~
Triglycerides = 41 (goal <150) ~~~~
Total Chol = 160 (goal <200) ~~~~

***Big Win*** Lp(a) cholesterol (goal <10) dropped from 11 to 6, which is phenomenal because it's widely considered to be genetic and hard to change with diet/exercise. However, some research indicates L-Lysine may decrease Lp(a) cholesterol, and I have been taking that supplement since last spring.

Myeloperoxidase level dropped from 343 to 280 (goal is <480), indicating significant decrease of inflammation in vascular system, even though it wasn't even high last year. More proof that anti-inflammatory diet WORKS.

BP @ annual physical was 106/73 with heart rate of 48 bpm. I am one healthy 50 year old =)

My Inspirations

  • All the size 4 & 2 jeans my friend gave me
  • Feeling great and knowing I'm healthy.


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