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35 years old
Jersey City, NJ

About Me:

I've been in the weight loss struggle all my life but I refuse to give up the fight.

I've tried keeping a food journal many times and I've always read about how dieters fared better when they had a food log so I decided to try this instead of relying on a pen and paper.

Why I want to get in shape

I aspire to be the size I was during my late high school and early college years but more muscular and chiseled. I want to be healthier and I plan to become a personal trainer someday.

Hypertension runs rampant in my family and I already deal with slightly high BP so my goal is to regulate that without having to resort to meds.

My Inspirations

  • Being healthy for myself and my future children
  • I want to set an example for others who are having the same struggle
  • I want to feel better about my body
  • I want to be a Bad Ass Mofo!


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