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52 years old
Placentia, CA
"...."I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner...". Audrey Hepburn"

About Me:

Loving the journey.

Mom of 6 children. Married to awesome husband 31 years. Homeschooled all 6 of my children. Love giving my family opportunities to experience God's world.

Two married sons (oldest is an engineer married to a mechanical engineer, my next son is a chemist and his wife is getting a law degree-both have their environmental biology degrees, 3rd son trained with special ops in the Navy and now is stationed in Japan . One hard working water polo/search and rescue son. Two beautiful daughters who study ballet. trained with the Boilshoi and Kirov ballets. Older daughter on outrigger team too.

My kids all love the outdoors and to be very active. this is partly because it has been a priority for me and my husband have them very healthy and happy.

Its time for me to follow my own advice and be fit and active too.

Great quotes from other MFPers-

Nothing works unless you DO.
" I asked myself. “Do you want your body back? COME AND GET IT!” I then proceeded to move forward with my life."

Why I want to get in shape

All the benefits of being healthy and wearing cute clothes.

Not feeling invisible ..being valued.

After losing 115 pounds in 15 months....
I WENT to France and England with my 16 year old daughter and I was able to experience it as a fit and active person. I went from a size 24 to be able to wear size 6 everyday in Europe.

My Whole 30 challenges
🎉W30 - Monday, February 24th- Monday, March 24th 🎉

Saturday, August 23rd---my birthday and Emily's collage check in day

Kevin's collage graduation, April 28th
Emily's high school graduation -June 12th ( Tonia comes too)
My birthday & Emily starting college in New York - 8/23

My Inspirations

  • SW-285, CW-191, 1st GW-165, 2nd GW-145
  • Been logging since August 2012


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