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35 years old
Spring Hill, TN
"Feels great to "feel great""

About Me:

I have always been "husky" - I have never been "skinny" Ive been as big as 290lbs and the smallest I remember since turning 18 was 225lbs.

I joined to MFP to get a hold on my lifestyle and eating habits. When I started P90X in Oct 12 my fantastic Coach recommended me to use MFP and I have been everyday.

Why I want to get in shape

I want my kids and wife to have me for a long time. I want my kids to see what a healthy daddy is. I want them to have a great example.

I did it for myself because for the last 10+ years Ive told myself i would go shirtless come summer. This year I will be SHIRTLESS at the pool.

My Inspirations

  • My wife -
  • My kids
  • Healthy friends that are always around


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