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  • I want to hit somebody!

    In the movie"Calendar Girl," Helen Mirren and her lady friends -a group of elderly women- perform a slow-motion exercise outside, in the middle of a field and of course, because it's Hollywood, the surroundings are drop-dead gorgeous.Somehow, the pic...

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  • I am the miracle - we all are!

    I sat down in one of the chairs in front of the pharmacy and waited for my prescription. I didn't feel like shopping, just sat there and felt sorry for myself, the way we do when we have a cold -coughing and sneezing, ready to go to bed but forced to...

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  • JOY

    Here’s how someone I’ve never met has given me a daily reminder to live in the moment:  About 2-3 years ago in March or April, as I drove up to the top of the hill by my house as I got to the top, the house across the street of the intersection appe...

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  • He is doing it for me

    My husband doesn't know anything about nutrition or "diets" because he doesn't have to -his weight doesn't change much. During the holidays he gains about 5 pounds, and he loses them quickly right afterward -effortless, so it seems. He would still fi...

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  • Sometimes I hurt

    It happens, some days I get up and right when my feet hit the ground, I can feel the pain. That's the magic about RA and all the other autoimmune disorders. They come in flares and take you by surprise. Invisible diseases -we look normal, and nobody ...

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  • Closet Tears

     I LOVE buying clothes.  My husband and I each budget some fun money each paycheck that we can each spend without the other person questioning at all.  We've done this for years and it works for reaching our form of  financial peace.  He usually spen...

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  • I Finally Decided to Get Serious!

    In November last year, I said "I do." Well, really I said, "I will love you forever." I had a less romantic encounter in February of 2011. There I was, fat (around 300 pounds), feeling old, and clinically depressed.I confess, in my mind, I felt my li...

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  • Don't You Ever Learn?

    Several people on my MFP feed have been posting lately that they have overeaten, feel physically bad about it, and resolved to remember that bad feeling so they can prevent doing it again.   I seem to be missing this crucial sensitivity!    My mother...

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  • I Almost Didn't Make It

    I still can't believe it was me. I look back on some family photos from 00s. Wow, I was nearly 300 pounds! (pics in profile) I didn't mean to get there. I was a skinny kid and I was a skinny adult until I was 43. Then it began. It happened when I was...

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  • I Really Wanted to Give Up, I Have Before

    As the London Marathon draws closer, it has become a bit of a stress. I broke my leg in October and missed 9 weeks of training during prime running weather. I gained 12 pounds. By the time I got running again, it seemed that we have had snow storm af...

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  • The need for friends . . .

    Two days ago was my first "hard day" since I started eating whole foods/plant based (WFPB) . . . which isn't bad since I've been at it for about a month now.  Overall I have found it amazingy easy.  Apparently I didn't really care that much about mea...

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  • Little bitty changes

    I'm learning that this lifestyle change, for me, is full of little bitty changes to how I live my life. Rather than a full out drastic change of everything, tiny adjustments to my regular patterns seems to really be working out better.   I don't alwa...

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  • Navigating my new Lifestyle

    My little guy (Zac -- the cutey in my profile picture) had a grooming appointment for 7:30 a.m. this morning (what retired person in their right mind makes a grooming appointment for 7:30 a.m.???). My husband suggested that we drop him off and then g...

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  • Let it go

    Sometimes being a working parent of little ones is just so *kitten* hard. When I don't get home until 5:30-ish, I have such a tiny window to live my life outside of work on a weekday. I just have to take the advice of Princess Elsa and "Let it go"  (...

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  • Recipe:: Stuffed Mushrooms

    Shrooms Bro!You know, every now and then I forget how good mushrooms taste, and how versatile they are.  I was shopping in Sprouts Farmers Market the other day and I noticed a package of ready to bake stuffed mushrooms. They look really good and look...

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  • Bookmarks

    I have so many BOOKMARKS on my browser!  Today I decided it was time to go through them.  Probably more than a third were connected to sites that no longer exist.  But by far and wide, the most popular bookmarks were attached to food and diet sites. ...

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  • But it was my BIRTHDAY!

    Tuesday was my birthday.  We all have them . . . unfortuantely I don't handle them well.  It's not that I'm getting older . . . I'd much prefer aging to the alternative.  The problem is I enjoy having an excuse to celebrate!  I've been doing so well ...

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  • That inner naughty voice needs to shut up.

     I gained a bit from my St. Patrick's festivities.  So beating that 180 number is still just barely out of my reach.  I've felt like I've hit a little bit of a wall with sticking to healthy choices and habits.  The last week or so, my inner naughty v...

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  • Oops!...I Did It Again

    A bit of navel-gazing...Last week, I was feeling pretty good about my blog post. I literally typed as I thought, so my 'breakthrough' discovery was recorded in real-time. Even better, it seemed to have hit a nerve with several other MFPers who left i...

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  • NSV for ME

    Normally I wouldn't post a blog entry two days in a row, but I had a great Non-Scale Victory today!I went shopping on my lunch break.  My wonderful in-laws have offered to watch the kids Saturday night so my husband and I can have a fun date night.  ...

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