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  • Las Vegas here I come!

    Tonight was the beginning of a week that will test my newly made re-commitment.  We hosted a happy hour/pitch-in dinner to celebrate our move to this side of the park.  There was SO much food!  I feel like I chose well and ate small portions.  I did ...

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  • Seatbelts on the airplane

    I wrote a blog last night and just before posting it the site froze!  SO MADDENING!!!  So tonight I will attempt re-write it.While browsing blogs the other night I stumbled onto The_Movie_Chair's blog.  As I sometimes do when I see blogs of people wh...

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  • 80 Lbs lost using the Magic Wand

    A couple of weeks ago I slipped on two fish sandwiches and some curly fries, and while it affected me health-wise, it didn't bother me too much. It happened! I had a weak moment in the office, grabbed something to eat -anything- because I felt hungry...

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  • So much to learn!

    I've only been a couple days of trying to cut out processed foods and adding more fruits and vegetables . . . and I can honestly say that I feel better.  My joints seem less stiff and I seem to have less pain.  Is it possible to see a cause-and-effec...

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  • The Climb

    I love to watch food videos, and this is surely their golden age. The other day, instead of a fluorescent-colored cake decorating or party-dip-baked-in-a-skillet video, I happened upon one about noodles.It was in Japanese, but subtitled, and somethin...

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  • Weight Loss, the New Religion

    Since the beginning, mankind and their various religions have often turned the world upside down. Everyone has an opinion about unseen - whether it's good, bad, or somewhere in between. They worship, they teach, they hope, they pray, and they even sp...

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  • Crawling UP the rabbit hole

    I have a good friend (I will call AJ) who, once upon a time, was a lot like me -- overweight, liked to eat things that wasn't necessarily good for her, and really didn't exercise a lot.  We both often strived to do better, to eat healthier, and to ex...

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  • What made me successful . . .

    I have been back at MFP for two weeks on Monday.  I have shown a weight loss but I'm still struggling with those red numbers at the end of almost every day.  I just don't have the focus I once did.Today I sat down to think about exactly what it was t...

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  • Chocolate uncovered

    I have fallen in love with pomegranates, and to my surprise, it's actually a fruit you can buy fresh, and the seeds don't grow chocolate covered on trees. Go figure! Me, who has never eaten fruits, has to have them now every day. Blackberries in my o...

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  • Move completed!

    We spend our winters in Arizona and this year we purchased a new (to us) unit on the other side of the park where we live.  When you purchase an already established park model it generally comes with everything in it.  Basically you can bring your to...

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  • Fighting Through

    Life, exercise, food, logging, and health, each one has its own challenges. The London Marathon is April 22nd! That gives me about 75 days to get it together.If you subtract the 3 or 4 weeks that won't count, I have about 50 days left to train.It's a...

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  • Three days in the red

    I have to say that I had forgotten that logging is actually kind of fun . . . and eye-opening!  I do love how simple MFP makes tracking food and their database is amazing.  But I really hate how many calories and how much fat are in the foods I love....

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  • It's not just a pair of socks

    Today in the morning, I searched under our bed for the socks I thought I had to wear when I went to bed last night. I am not sure how I do it, but I think I pull them off during the night, and then somehow the poor socks fly through the bedroom and e...

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  • Why did I change my username?

    This is my first blog since June of last year.  For months before that I was trying to learn to eat like a thin person.  I wanted to lose weight without tracking, weighing, or measuring.  I mean really -- lots of people do it.  Why couldn't I learn t...

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  • A Little Focus Changed a Lot

    I am finally getting my feet back on the ground. We had a warm winter weekend and I got in three runs! 4 miles, 5 miles and 2 miles. It is not the 15 miles which my marathon training plan called for, but I ran.I am running the London Marathon in Apri...

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  • How to – Food Prep | Sandwiches

    I like taking sandwiches to work. They’re light (the way I make em), economical in calories, and they don’t make a mess. The problem is, even next day sandwiches can get soggy. And I want to make sandwiches for 4 days, ahead of time – (M-TH - I work ...

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  • The fat lady is (not) an expert!

    Ten years ago, I gave up smoking, what turned me into the worst ex-smoker known to mankind. I had done it! I had given up cigarettes, and from that moment on, I became a merciless critique of everybody who still dared to smoke around me.Overnight I h...

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  • I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)

    So I've mentioned before that I have had a Fitbit for a year and I simply love it. I love all of the stats and encouragement it provides. In a year, my step goal has risen from 8000 to 15,000 and I regularly have 20,000 step days, which on my stubby ...

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  • Back in the Groove

    I am finally back in the groove. I confess, I don't like how I look, how I feel, or how I am progressing. I am running and eating correctly (for me). I can only say that I am back in the groove.They used to say if you do it for 30 days, it will becom...

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  • The Fat Lady in the snow

    It snowed all day long yesterday, nature gave us eight more inches of winter-wonderland. Today in the  morning the sun was shining, and the outside world looks stunningly beautiful.I had helped my husband with the last snow. He had shoveled the heavy...

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