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34 years old
Branson West, MO
"I don't know where I'm going but, I'm on my way"

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I am a stay at home mom. I have 2 boys, 8 and 3. I have struggled with my weight for the last 8 yrs. I have tried every diet known to man kind. My entire life I have always thought the less you eat, the less you weigh. Which is probably why I could never keep the weight off once I lost it. I have come to realize I don't have to take such drastic measures to lose weight. I can EAT! I know now what they mean when people say "lose it slow and steady and it won't come back" This is not a race for me. I just want to get fit for MYSELF. I love lifting weights. It makes me feel strong. Exercise is FUN for me. I eat to fuel my body now. Now its not about that number on the scale for me, its about how I feel when I look it that mirror every day. My body is not perfect, but its the best it can be at this point. If I can do this anyone can.

Highest weights
268 - what I weighed after having my 1st child
255 - what I weighed 1 week after I had my 2nd child
218 - SW with MFP

209 - Close to onderville ~ DONE
199 - onederville! ~ DONE
189 - hello 180's ~ DONE
186 - My weight when I got prego w/ 2nd child ~ DONE
179 - hello 170's ~ DONE
169 - hello 160's ~ DONE
168- 100lbs down from my highest weight ever! ~ DONE
162 - What I weighed when I got prego w/ 1st child ~ DONE
159 - hello 150's
149 - hello 140's
137 - GOAL weight!
127 - what I weighed when I met my husband


Apr 2012 - Nov 2012: Cardio class 3x's a week and Strength Training class 2x's a week (25 pounds lost)

Nov 2012 - Dec 2012: Jillian Michales NMTZ, elliptical and weight lifting at home (5 pounds lost)

Dec 2012 - Feb 27 2013: TurboFire ( Lost 17 pounds and 19.5 Inches and lost 10% body fat)

March2013 - June2013: Chalean Extreme (Lost 6 pounds and 7 inches)

June2013- July2013: TurboFire and Chalean Extreme Hybrid (lost 2 pounds) Wanted to do a different program so didn't finish the Hybrid schedule

July2013 -Nov2013: Misc beachbody programs (CLX TF T25 P90X) (lost 7 pounds)

Nov2013-Jan2014: CLX and Turbofire Hybrid (Jenelle Summers Version)

Jan2014-Feb: Shaun T Focus T25 lost 8 pounds

Feb2014-March: 21 Day Fix lost 4 pounds

March2014-April2014: 2nd half of T25 lost 8 pounds

April2014-present: P90X3

Why I want to get in shape

I want to look in the mirror and like who I see.
Being a good role model for my kids is VERY important to me.
I also want to fit in my old skinny jeans again!

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  • My kids and family
  • My MFP friends!


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