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31 years old
Broomfield, CO
"For the Long Haul"

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In addition to weight loss (and eventually weight maintenance), my fitness goals are anything that helps me to feel better physically. I battle with 6 herniated discs in my back, Degenerative Disc Disease, and arthritis in my sacrum which causes a lot of hip pain. Although difficult to exercise through the pain, regular exercise makes my pain better on a daily basis. I am striving to live a healthy life as long as possible and put off having to have surgeries!

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  • 250 pounds to lose.

    Tue 07/03/12 05:30PM Welcome!! You are more than welcome to friend me, I am happy to chat and support you in your journey! I need help to keeeeeeep going!

  • The scale is a lying torture device! I'm proof :)

    Mon 04/30/12 10:17AM I needed this BAD. Thank you so much. I've really been focusing on building muscle and I know that slows down what I see on the scale bec...

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