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37 years old
Benbrook, TX
"Time to change...."

About Me:

I am a 35, 325lbs female in Fort Worth TX, looking to lose 100+ lbs and get fit!!

Why I want to get in shape

I am getting older, weight problems will start showing soon.... and my husband is already showing the health problems and doing this together is so much better than alone!!

My Inspirations

  • Long life with my Hubby!!!
  • better and cheaper clothes!!


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  • Stereotypes that DON'T fit you

    Thu 02/21/13 09:16PM ^^ THIS!!! also that since I am over weight I must be lazy and sit around eating cake and candy all day.....

  • Song Title Game

    Fri 02/15/13 07:29PM Jane's Addiction - "Irresistible Force"

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