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I'm a male, College Student, 23 Years old. Growing up people started to call me fat; and, I took that word and made it my life's choice. This made me put a lot of weight in. However, I want to change and have a healthier lifestyle.

starting weight 300 (Jan/1/2015)
First Milestone 250(?)
Second Milestone 200(?)
Third Milestone 150(?)
Goal weight 138!(?)

Why I want to get in shape

First of all, Because I deserve it
I'm tired of feeling sick all the time
I deserve improvement in my career
I want to have tons of good sex
I want to do everything I'm capable of doing
healthy heart, windsurfing, partying hard, clothes , Etc.

My Inspirations

  • All those who already made it!
  • Athletic bodies
  • Girls
  • Extreme Sports


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