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47 years old
Near Edinburgh, SC
"getting fit & healthy with weightloss as a side effect"

About Me:

I love my MFP mates and want to share successes, frustrations and information and have a bit of a laugh, I am not interested in just "collecting friends" I want it to be meaningful. Feel free to call me out on bad choices however if you consistently post 600 calorie days, I will delete you- this for me is about getting healthy, and it makes me very uncomfortable to see that sort of approach. If we don't really talk to each other or you don't log in for months you will probably get bumped lol.

Here is my blog which is a mix of photography, dog walks and hill climbing:

Now the narcassistic bit...

I am a psychology student and this year I am working on my research masters. I love Scifi (Supernatural, Firefly)& post-apocalyptic stuff like Walking Dead, love loud music and have much love for the Foo Fighters. I also believe that we should all strive to be the best person we can be and try and look out for each other.

Why I want to get in shape

I want to be fit and healthy, losing weight is a great side effect of that.

I did the Scottish 2013 Tough Mudder and loved it to bits and it has made me realise that the combination of strength, endurance and gung ho attitude that is required for it is right up my street as well as being a fab focus for training. :D

I have a few events on the horizon:
Rat Race Dirty Weekend - 20 miles, 200 obstacles - I need to be able to run a half marathon for this one and get really strong upper body too :) it is 6 months away so am working hard to get in good shape for it.

Deerstalker Night Run - 10k, running up hills in the dark in fancy dress in Scotland in March brrr eek bring it on lol
Bing Blazer - pure dead Scottish lol - 5k running up bings - there is talk of neon pink tutus for this one haha
any more?...

There is a 5k or 10k obstacle race at the end of November - at the moment I am trying to get my running improved so I can decide if I am doing the 5k or 10k

and then...

Spartan and Mens Health and really want to do a zombie run and a colour run. - of course next year's Tough Mudder I plan to be stronger, leaner and faster :D.

The current plan is to try and get out running twice a week, weights 3 days a week, hillclimbing on Saturdays and a rest day on Sundays.

I still battle with food - it is really hard to not overeat & also eat enough to fuel my body in order to do all the training I do - I struggle to get the balance right.

I am so enthusiastic and hyper about taking part in these events and passionate about getting fit that it has been rubbing off on other people who hadn't even considered taking part in some of the events they are now signing up for. It makes me all warm and fuzzy thinking about the fact that people are influenced by my steps towards being as fit and healthy as I can be and it is inspiring them to get out there to push their own limits :)

My Inspirations

  • My Family, good example and be around for them in the future
  • Being fit and healthy enough that my size isn't a barrier to my goals
  • 5k<30 minutes,10k<60 mins and eventually a half marathon?
  • climbing all the munro's - ave time 8 years apparently so long term...


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