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55 years old
Gold Run, CA
" 1st Phorm Elite Trainer and Athlete"

About Me:

Hi I'm Roberta,

I'm at or around the 1000 friends limit of MFP and the FR waiting list is several pages long, I add those who send me messages first and I have to delete an inactive user to do it.

My full story is on

I am very active on Instagram where you can remain anonymous:

In order for you to get support from me -- you do not have to "belong" to the various fitness companies of which I am an ambassador. I don't care what your workout is or if your protein is chicken or vegan or if you eat white rice. Just freakin do it with no excuses, whatever it is.

I am a retired software engineer. I worked for HP for 25 years, then went through the Police Academy and currently work as a reserve deputy (volunteer).

I do a little freelance work (coaching and writing) for multiple fitness companies and a magazine in San Francisco. My favorite of them all is 1st Phorm

I am happily married and I'm here to help motivate others in their fitness goals as well as to keep track of my calories. I am very dedicated to health and fitness.

I'm just kinda doing my own thing because I feel like it.

Why I want to get in shape

I lost my weight (85 lbs) by just eating less (and exercise of course!) but I'm finding I like to use myfitnesspal to help me maintain although it's certainly not required anymore. I just love working out and staying healthy.

I am passionate about helping others, especially women of all ages, achieve their fitness goals

My Inspirations

  • Being strong, fit, and functional.
  • Living a long healthy life
  • I am passionate about helping others especially women.


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