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54 years old
Gold Run, CA
" Fit at 50 and beyond"

About Me:

Hi I'm Roberta,

I'm at or around the 1000 friends limit of MFP and the FR waiting list is several pages long, so rarely can I add new friends. I didn't set the limit, MFP did.

I am very active on Instagram where you can remain anonymous:

My diary is completely open so you can see it even if you are not on my FR

I have MFP blog here but I rarely update it anymore: (but many of your questions are answered there).

All of my other social media connections are on my "no ads" blog, where there is no selling products or affiliate links at all:

I am a retired software engineer. I worked for HP for 25 years, then went through the Police Academy and currently work as a reserve deputy (volunteer).

I do a little freelance work (coaching and writing) for multiple fitness companies and a magazine in San Francisco.

I am happily married and I'm here to help motivate others in their fitness goals as well as to keep track of my calories. I am very dedicated to health and fitness.

I'm just kinda doing my own thing because I feel like it.

Why I want to get in shape

I lost my weight (85 lbs) by just eating less (and exercise of course!) but I'm finding I like to use myfitnesspal to help me maintain although it's certainly not required anymore. I just love working out and staying healthy.

I am passionate about helping others, especially women of all ages, achieve their fitness goals

My Inspirations

  • Being strong, fit, and functional.
  • Living a long healthy life
  • I am passionate about helping others especially women.


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