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26 years old
Prince George, BC
"If Graceland was Disneyland, I'd buy a pair of Elvis ears."

About Me:

I'm 5'5" and used to weigh over 180 pounds. I made some drastic lifestyle changes and have been maintaining between 116 - 123 for the last two years and am back now to watch my macros and help keep myself motivated with my fitness goals.

I follow a vegan diet and mostly do pilates, lift weights and run on my treadmill.

Add me if you like, I love getting new mfp friends! You guys keep me motivated. :)

fitness instagram: brittanymegan_
personal instagram: filthyfury_

Why I want to get in shape

I'm not too into being fat & sluggish...

My Inspirations

  • My mfp friends.
  • The way working out makes me feel.
  • The progress that I've made so far.
  • I just really enjoy it. ^-^


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