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Malden, MA
"Tired of blaming my thyroid."

About Me:

I'm a 40 y/o mother of three and grandmother of one. My husband is retired military I've always been physically active until the past few years when my husband had to go through several surgeries and no longer has the mobility he used to. I love to be outside walking, hiking, swimming, I'm just not into organized sports like soccer, baseball, basketball etc. I've watched my weight go from 153 to nearly 190 and I'm tired of watching myself expand (although I don't mind the new clothes when the seasons change I don't want my larger size to be the reason I'm shopping).

UPDATE 02-02-2013: I've reached my original goal of 150. After re-evaluating my fitness goals and taking a look at my body composition I've decided to continue with weight loss. My new goal is 135 pounds which is on the low end of the recommended BMI for my height (5'8"). Once I'm happy with the amount of fat around my lower half (stomach, butt and thighs) I will re-evaluate again and look at changing my diet and workout for building muscle so I'm not just a wrack of bones.

Update 06-03-2013 - I looked at myself in the mirror this weekend and realized my collar bone is VERY prominent and my bones are sticking out from my shoulders. I've decided that at 147 pounds I look slim but not too skinny. I'm going to maintain my weight here I think and work on toning what I have left and building muscle.

Why I want to get in shape

I want to get in shape to feel better about myself. My husband and my children all think I look fine but I've never been this big before, not even at 9 months pregnant and ready to pop! I want to be a good example to my family so they know that eating right and exercising to stay healthy is a good lifestyle to help you live longer and healthier.

UPDATE 02-02-2013: I'm happy to say that my goal of eating well and exercising is rubbing off on my children. My 19 year old son continues to watch what he is eating, avoiding the cafeteria, take out and restaurant foods around campus and preparing his own meals in his kitchen. He is also on MFP and watches his calories and sodium intake as his doctor suggested. My 16 year old daughter came to me and said she also wants to eat healthier and get exercise. She will start coming to the gym with me after work (at least that what she said yesterday).

Updated 06-03-2013 - HUBBY IS GOING TO THE GYM WITH ME! My daughter isn't so good about going but wants to improve. Got a few friends to join too!

My Inspirations

  • My old self! I don't like what is happening to my body.
  • Those gorgeous form fitting dresses and short skirts I used to wear.
  • The celulite forming on my legs. YUCK!!!


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