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Progress Goals
1. Lose 33 pounds - 1/3 of what I need to lose [Achieved 15 Nov 2012]
2. Get to a weight of 250, that was the highest I was in the past, and lost it, hoping I would never get up to it and I've been over that for at least 30 years.
3. Lose 51 pounds from my MFP start weight - then I'm over half way there
4. Be able to wear a size XL coat
5. Get down to 220 - I used to think that was overweight, and for a long time never was over that
6. Get to 203 pounds - less than when I got married
7. Be 180 pounds - I'm guessing that's around my right weight

I'm a computer programmer - spending way too much time sitting at the computer. I've been overweight since I was 10, except for a couple of years when I was 15 and in a school that had decent phys ed program, and a few months when I was 20. I've been severely overweight for 25 years. I lost 50 pounds 5 years ago and kept it off, but had to stop after an operation that took a long time to recover from.

I eat fairly well, not too much junk, just large quantities, but way too much cheese.

Why I want to get in shape

I'm in good health other than weight, but I see people around my getting sick and aging. I was warned by a naturopath that I had very good stamina and energy- but eventually the weight would catch up with me.

My Inspirations

  • Looking as good as my wife does
  • Living a more gracefull life
  • Buying clothes that would look good on me.


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