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being built now, underground is done. Gonna look like this:

Rendering of WTC Transportation Hub Oculus.



 ALSO - Here's some progress pics o da Freedom Tower <3


AND THE VIEW FROM THE TOP (tiny little empire state building in the backgroud!)



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MudRunLvr wrote 16 months ago:
Tonight's nightmare will be Oculus coming to life and trampling citizens. See you there!
yoovie wrote 16 months ago:
MireyGal76 wrote 16 months ago:
I dunno... I think the Oculus looks more like a super hero's helmet. I can already picture the costume with a cape and matching shoulder detailing.

Almost storm trooper ish, but more 'avant garde'
calibriintx wrote 16 months ago:
Yeah, it reminds me of Thor's helmet, haha!
jenn26point2 wrote 16 months ago:
I think it definitely looks like a dinosaur! I can't help but think the terrorists probably think we're idiots b/c we're rebuilding the/those towers again after they've tried to destroy them (and successfully did once) on two occasions. Do you suppose there'll be a third - Heaven forbid?

Just a curious question... who pays for Freedom Tower? The insurance policy from WTC? New York citizens? Given the budgetary constraints we're dealing with at work (I work for the Army), that's always the first question on my mind when I see something being built - who pays for it? :)
yoovie wrote 16 months ago:
well, considering this one has a solid concrete core and arm sized steel rod reinforced concrete for every level and a plane would die if it hit it and the first 10 floors are one solid concrete block - i think we'll be ok if we just add lazers to ze top.
Lupercalia wrote 16 months ago:
Oculus looks like a Pokemon! xx
_SusieQ_ wrote 16 months ago:
I kid you not. I have such a fear of heights that just looking at these pictures made me a little woozy.

Otherwise, AWESOME!
wild_wild_life wrote 16 months ago:
Oculus is awesome. I wish every building looked like that.

The Freedom tower is just a little too phallic for me but hey, ours is bigger than theirs I guess . . .

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