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Response to TOPIC: The Power of Breakfast for all the "Non-Believers"



Quote: "Morning meals to help you lose weight, balance blood sugar, and feel fuller longer. 

So why (while) you all non-believers may be losing weight without this essential meal, incorporating this essential meal (not just any old food, but nutritious food... and if anyone needs breakfast ideas I am more than happy than to provide external links to recipes or what not) will help you lose weight...

(So - all you people who are losing weight without eating breakfast, just because that works for you doesnt mean it works for you. If you eat breakfast, you could lose weight. So even though you are losing weight, you could still lose weight if you do it my way instead of your way, even if you already tried that and it didnt work for you, im telling you it will work for you.) 

 ....and burn (rubber) more efficiently and help with morning workouts (which are the only ones that count?) and overall health. The argument of "I've been successful without eating breakfast" is just as irrational and bad as someone saying "I've been successful at weight loss without eating and starving myself"...... downwards on the scale doesn't always equal healthy or the best way unfortunately. (you know nothing, Jon Snow).


... -_- /doubletake


 The argument of "I've been successful without eating breakfast" is just as irrational and bad as someone saying "I've been successful at weight loss without eating and starving myself"..


The argument of "I've been successful showering in the evenings instead of first thing in the morning" is just as irrational and bad as someone saying "I've been successful at staying clean by never showering or bathing myself ever." 


and seriously, i'm against this and I invented the #sexybreakfast. 

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vim_n_vigor wrote 4 months:
You should so be allowed back on the forums. Rational thought and advice should be welcomed.
Capt_Apollo wrote 4 months:
True. Just because you CAN lose while eating breakfast isn't a valid argument that you should always eat breakfast to lose weight. Did I get it right?
lguenter wrote 4 months:
But it's the MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY! Or so they told me at the institute.
yoovie wrote 4 months:
And also - just because you CAN lose weight while eating breakfast, if you choose not to, it doesn't mean you are unhealthy or starving yourself. it just means different timing works better for you. I mean seriously - what if you work weird shifts instead of a 9-5 job? according this girl, you're anorexic.
lacroyx wrote 4 months:
lol. my doctor always flips out when I tell him I rarely eat breakfast in the morning until I remind him I work graveyard thus my erratic eating schedule.
JoanneLynn wrote 4 months:
Hmm, if it the most important meal of the day maybe we should eat breakfast all day long. MMM pancakes!
Ninkyou wrote 4 months:
I had pancakes for dinner. Does this count?
AllonsYtotheTardis wrote 4 months:
kethry70 wrote 4 months:
She is incredibly stubborn. And young. And willful. And young. And.... You get the idea.
martymum wrote 4 months:
I had bacon for I am winner!!! hehe
BrettPGH_ wrote 4 months:
Sexy Breakfast is the only breakfast I'll eat.
cindyj7 wrote 4 months:
She came across as an idiot. Young, knows EVERYTHING, and so very immature. Not worth your response.
yoovie wrote 4 months:
WELL *I* felt it was worth a response because I dont want newcomers to think this is the only way.

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