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10/5/12 Friday

Right now, Im struggling because I lost my workout partner and have to go forward alone - which is terrifying and it kinda feels like the training wheels are gone and there's no dad behind me with his hand on the seat and Im going to fall over and scrape my knee caps off. 

Except in my case, Im worried it means I wont progress anymore because I dont know if I can move myself forward- considering I got where I am with lots of help. Alone... well, I might be in over my head. Very far in over my head. Make your heart race and throat catch and your eyes well up with tears kind of 'over my head'. 

The only way for me to feel not so alone is to start blogging again. Thanks to my non-fairy godfather, I can do that now. Hopefully its enough to keep my head above water. 

*shaky breath* 

So, since we're sharing and Im getting ready to start blogging again, what are all you friends of mine struggling with lately? Dont be ashamed to say it out loud (unless its about a 2 week plateau on 1200 calories and you only do cardio and youre dead stubborn about opening your mind about hearing what really works- then I dont want to hear about it)- if we dont know what it is, how can we ever accidentally say something that will help you? 

Also - Who here lives in the NYC area?

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AmberJslimsAWAY wrote 24 months ago:
I'm struggling with person stuff that is affecting my fitness, but has nothing to do with it lol.

You've got this though. You're such a bad ass, and you're my motivation!
christyd4 wrote 24 months ago:
I am struggling with my food I eat about 1600-1800 but I have to get back to logging. I am bored with the foods I eat and need to make some time to sit down and find new recipes.
Yanicka1 wrote 24 months ago:
I struggle with my bulk....stupid I know. Going from trying to lose weight for 2 years to trying to gain weight.....mind blowing. I am scared of not doing it right and gaining only fat. I really have a hard time losing fat and I do not want to undo what took so long to do.
BlueInkDot wrote 24 months ago:
Hey Yoovs, I'm really glad you're gonna start blogging again - I positively love your writing. :)

I'm just having trouble getting back on the wagon - so to speak. I'm outside of that mindset I used to have, I want to get back in it, but I'm just having trouble breaking through. I'm hoping that once some specific changes take place in my life that it will become easier to focus on that stuff. In the meantime I'm just trying to work out whenever I can, however I can, and trying to not get too down on myself for not being as awesome as I could be.
auroranflash wrote 24 months ago:
Think of it this way - you're on the brink of change. That's always scary. But you of all people know, when faced with a situation such as this... you either fly or fall. You use it to make yourself strongerbetterfaster or you use it as an excuse to not improve or fall behind. I have faith you'll fly like always and be that much stronger for it.

I struggle with negativity and lack of direction.
heidiberr wrote 24 months ago:
I think you are awesome and can do anything lady.

I'm struggling with focus again. I've been doing this for 2 years and overtraining a lot of it so I'm ready to be lax--but I'm not ready for my body to be lax. I need to eat healthier--less cheat days--and work out more.
_Wits_ wrote 24 months ago:
I'm sure you will make deal with that uncomfortable feeling and push ahead and still train like a star. Put on some awesome music and just do your thing.

I'm struggling with the same thing you are....working out without anyone. I had a few people I was meeting up with and they all have had things happen that prevent them to go for the time being. So...I'm meeting with a mfp peep tomorrow to go through lifting again...DL, squats, all that jazz...and soon I too will have to forge on alone.
heavensshadow wrote 24 months ago:
You will own your training, Supergirl. Never forget you got where you are because you WANTED it.

I'm struggling with lots of bullsh*t lately, and only parts have to do with my fitness (or lack thereof).
Struggling with losing my grandpa two weeks ago, struggling with juggling two jobs and terrible eating/sleep patterns (like, eating once a day), and struggling to find myself again... my focus is gone and I'm terrified of never finding a direction that will hold my attention for longer than 6 months.

Hey, you asked. :)
opalescence wrote 24 months ago:
I know you can do this! If anyone can its you... I believe this and you will too :)

I'm struggling with so many things, my identity, what I want out of my goals, trying to learn 5-3-1, dragging my feet with lifting, the swirling chaos in my head... if I'm a good person. Yikes I may need therapy.

wisebadger53 wrote 24 months ago:
Your honesty and openness is so refreshing. Admitting your challenges is a great first step to dealing with them. Be strong, stay focused, and you will be awesome!

As for me, I don't really have any fitness issues to share - unless lack of sleep qualifies. I am struggling with issues affecting the future of our company. I will not politicize your blog here by taking sides, because I blame our "representatives" in Congress on both sides of the aisle for the crushing blows inflicted on small independent businesses over the past four years. I often lie awake at night tormented by the effect that this whole economic mess is having on the families of our associates who are losing their jobs because we can't afford to operate in this environment. With the cost of doing business soaring, and the insane amount of additional tracking and reporting thrown on small business people by the regulations imposed on us, it is becoming a daily struggle just to make the tiniest profit these days. Sorry, but you asked... :-(
megalin9 wrote 24 months ago:
No doubt you will embrace this change in your life and be better for it!

I am struggling with finding a balance between logging my food obsessively and worrying about every little thing I eat and not caring what I eat. I need a safe middle ground that still allows me to enjoy life and food and still lose weight and inches. I'm tired of logging...
Desterknee wrote 24 months ago:
I'm struggling with loving myself and knowing that I am worth taking care of. I'm struggling with a fear of success, and negative self talk. I am making progress though. I am doing this alone (outside of MFP) and I can tell you it's tough.

I live in Midtown Manhattan, right by the Javitz Center!

UV you are the best!
Kendle_WarriorPrincess wrote 24 months ago:
Honey I am so glad you have blogging back! I know you love the outlet!

You asked...I am struggling with emotions. And the emotions that make me feel unworthy of making any progress no matter how hard I work and then I sabotage myself and things start falling about and then I grab ahold and start all over again. I am sick of the cycle. I need to find a way to deal with the depression so the self sabotaging stops. I want this enough or I wouldn't keep trying....time to find a way to kick depressions ass!
will010574 wrote 24 months ago:
I've spent the last 21 years in the same career, now in about 2 years (which all of a sudden seems like no time at all) I have to start over. No idea what I want to do, what I'm qualified to do or where to start. Sooo I'm back in school while working and hopefully that will open some doors. In the meantime I need to figure out time management.

Yoovie I do not live in NY. If I did I would gladly be your workout partner and drinking buddy too. I am confident you will still kick ass in both even without my awesome presence
MaryRegs wrote 24 months ago:
I struggle with doing the best that I can as a parent to an awesome teenager on the autistic spectrum...just want to be assured (and will never be) that I am being the best advocate for him..and still having enough time for his two older brothers and my husband! Aging drama...but I am making a concerted effort to improve my physical well being-to better steer through all of the above!
Be_EmbracE wrote 24 months ago:
I m struggling staying alive and eating lesser than I should; and trying to do my best. Having a workout partner becomes a luxury that I don't even dare to think of in Singapore. Haha.. If I m in ny I sure would love to have u as a workout partner. ^.^ keep it up and on! Cheers!
Alex_is_Hawks wrote 24 months ago:
I'm struggling with inaction. Two years ago I promised myself I would rather make a mistake by doing something rather than sitting on the sideline making a mistake in doing nothing; being overly cautious so to speak. And I still struggle with this to this day.

I'll win. Eventually.
BrettPGH wrote 24 months ago:
How am I NOT struggling is a better question. But I know you can do this. You're Supergirl. Never let your fears keep you from being the strong and incredible woman you are!
MaryRegs wrote 24 months ago:
and...I'm with Brett! ^^^^^ THIS
tracyowens22 wrote 24 months ago:
You're an inspiration to so many followers here on MFP. I enjoy reading your posts and laughing, knowing that you're a human being, struggling/enjoying/making fun of regular sh*t...just like us.

I struggle with feeling like what I'm doing is enough. I eat better than I ever have, log nearly 99% of it, I'm at the gym 5-6 days a week, sweating my ass off...but is it enough? I see some progress but not as much as I feel I should see. I would LOVE to try new stuff at the gym, but I'm scared I'll look like an a$$ and hurt myself. I'd like to say one day that I can DL as much as Yoovie can cuz she's kickass.

Rambling over....continue with your regularly scheduled program...
gerbies wrote 24 months ago:
I'm struggling with my eating. I have been back from vacation for 3 weeks and I'm still eating like I'm on a cruise. I'm working out, but can't get it together with my food. I know what to do...I just need to do it!
Gottastop wrote 24 months ago:
I'm struggling with emotional & boredom eating. I joined MFP a year ago & I wanted to be so much lighter than I am now & I feel like that small defeat alone has taken the wind out of my sails & zapped my motivation. Plus I saw family I haven't seen in months & they called me a fat ass (really?! family) & said I looked like I gained weight since the last time they saw me. So I now think to myself 'why even bother' I hated counting calories & watching e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I ate.
I'm also getting told No, or Not now with a lot of things I'm trying to schedule & that is bugging the crap outta me & again having me think 'why is it this hard? I must be doing something wrong' & that's making me grab chocolate more again. Plus DUDE! it's all on sale because halloween is coming up. LOL
There is more, but it boils down to I need better support partners & better support from family. I'm a mom & I'm always last in the ranking

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