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I am loving my success!  I finally got below 200 lbs. this morning!  I have been hovering near & even once last week my weight was below, but of course, the next day it was right back up.  I'm not watching the scale as closely, mostly just weigh in at the doctor but as I neared this goal, I got nervous & weighed more often.

 I have never measured myself, just too frightening.  I knew what size clothing I was wearing, too snugly at that, and couldn't take the idea of KNOWING (in inches & centimeters) how big my body really was.

This week was another milestone as I turned a year older.  One of our five daughters works in a fashion outlet.  I NEVER shop there because I am more old-fashioned and conservative in my dress. I am a modest person in most things.  However, as my pants were obviously becoming looser, to the point I had to hitch them up every few steps, this daughter decided to take me shopping at her store & DRESS me a little. 

We started in the plus department, where I normally find clothing that fits best, and tried one size smaller.  It was actually comfortable to me, but upon looking in the 3-sided mirror (Horror of Horrors!) I could see that they were too loose.  So we tried the next size smaller, but I was sure they wouldn't work.  THEY FIT!  But this was not to be her last attempt...she then went to the regular size side of the botique & got me the same size in that cut. 

May I humbly say that I recognized my pre-obesity figure in those pants? It was like a Christmas present, I was just overjoyed, I had to suppress tears of happiness! I usually suppress tears of depression & frustration when I try on clothing. I am normally the easy-going fat girl who says "Oh well, I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school" and then let everyone laugh it off.

Even today, the memory of that fitting room experience makes me teary-eyed. Why?  Because I have suppressed my emotions for so long, that I was learning to be content as someone less than I wanted to be.

One more milestone, this one has to do with my physical strength and endurance.  In August we took a Yellowstone, WY.  A MFP friend commented that it was a lot of walking.  That is an understatement!  We walked almost 5 hours each day of the 4 we were there.  Much of the time was spent going up wooden stairs. I dutifully did my best, then on a whim one day, I decided to try the steps 2 at a time.  I was suprised that I could manage, then I decided to do that whole staircase, over 300 stairs, 2 at a time.  My children & husband urged me on & I made it! I was only competing with myself and I felt wonderful. 

Let me conclude today by saying:

1. I still need to lose about 50 lbs.

2. I still need to improve my physical appearance.

3. I still need to ramp up my physical endurance and strength.

But I am finally feeling like this won't all go away, unless I let it.  I still don't have the 'numbers' in inches and centimeters. (My bra size IS down 4 inches around my ribcage.)  I don't really need to know those numbers to know that this is a great way to continue to live my life. :D


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Gotspunk1 wrote 65 months ago:
YES! This is so awesome! I haven't been under 200 lbs. since junior high school from what I can remember! It must be the best feeling ever to have accomplished so much! Congratulations! Keep on truckin'! You are fabulous. :D
tajour wrote 65 months ago:
You are doing so great at this! I love watching your success. :-)
PatriceMG wrote 65 months ago:
Great determination and attitude! Keep up the good work!
galilanee26 wrote 65 months ago:
Wonderful post... it made me teary eyed. Just look at all of those NSV's. Congratulations!!
dsjohndrow wrote 65 months ago:
I am almost thee too! Great progress!
sapl31 wrote 65 months ago:
COngrats. That is such an amazing milestone.
jlknmbk wrote 65 months ago:
That is awesome! Thank you for sharing your story. I too want to be under 200 pounds. I was almost there when my husband got sick and the stress of worrying about him enabled me to "forget" to eat healthy. But he's better and I am back on track. Good luck as you continue your weight loss journey!
vjrose wrote 65 months ago:
I am so with you on the getting under 200, it had been close to 40 years since i had been under 200. And the move from "queen" size to "Misses" was a huge landmark for me, no more 1W or 22 or whatever. You can do anything you want to do, and good on you for the Yellowstone experience.
webarr2003 wrote 65 months ago:
AMAZING and good job with Yellowstone. It's not easy doing those hikes. Can you add me as your friend. I just got under my 200 pounds and still have 35-45 more pounds to go too. Love your positivity and feel I could yes some. But I will let you know, like I let everybody know I'm a eater. Meaning I eat everything and anything. I just try to cut back on the portion size and not to eat the unhealthy stuff everyday.
niftyafterfifty wrote 65 months ago:
Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on your success. I have no doubt you will reach your ultimate goal of a healthy, happy life!
mjbell642 wrote 65 months ago:
Happy happy happy dance !!! You are a winner !! Keep up that positive attitude and enjoy the journey !!
heidibowling wrote 65 months ago:
Aren't milestones the best!!! Nothing motivates me more than seeing how well I'm doing :) Congratulations on your amazing milestone! I'm sure it will be one in a long list of achievements. :)
nkitzinger wrote 65 months ago:
You are well on your way to your goals!!! I know you will make it! It just goes to show that if you push out of your comfort zone, you will be pleasently surprised with the results!!! Congrats!
Quanda1972 wrote 65 months ago:
Congrats!!!! Keep on doing what you're doing....
eperison wrote 65 months ago:
Great for feels so good. I just made it today too.
carolstartingover wrote 65 months ago:
Great job getting to onederland. It is a feeling of awe. Now, you can get to your goal once you get there. We do notice the weight when we have to climb steps or walk fast. I can really tell the difference. I have 40 to go also. WE can do this.

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