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Checkpoint and my friends

So, as I get closer to one year on here, I had to sit back and take a long hard look at my friends list.  Sadly, came to the conclusion a bunch had to go.  And a bunch had to stay :).  I love my pals but after a year I feel like I need to focus on those that are here to travel their own path to progress but have an honest desire to better their lives, either though fitness or weight loss.

  No, I don't expect anyone to conform to a preconceived notion of what i think is a proper diet, and I'm not preaching that either.  Consistency, dedication, and a willingness to correct when the wrong path is wandered down, that's all I ask of my friends.  Their paths to getting where they want to go are as different as they are, but, their paths are what they feel is the best for them.  I sometimes shake my head at what they eat, since, as a biologist I do feel you need to give your body a wide variety of nutrients to provide all bodily processes the necessary organic material needed to maintain healthy processes.  However, sometimes life conspires for them to have to make other choices at times due to circumstance (on the road all the time, budget, family, other folks choosing the food that is available).  I do hope and see that most of the time they make choices that while not optimal are the healthiest they can make them all considered.

Another issue I am seeing, and I to am fighting this issue is just wearying of having to be diligent every day about food.  We all think that new habits would stick, but to be honest, I realize that if I wasn't logging every day, I am not sure I would continue to make the best choices.   I am constantly striving to find new ways to make healthy easy food since after too many years of cooking (started when I was 6) I really don't like it much most days.  One reason breakfast and lunch for me are pretty much the same, I just change a few ingredients and they way it's seasoned.

Enthusiasm, you start anything new and charge into it with huge enthusiasm, but as time goes on it becomes a drag sometimes.  Logging and scratch made food are too big ones I see folks really struggle with.  If you don't vary your food a huge amount you can just copy most of it forward, that limits the time thing, oh and recipe function, I toss pretty much anything at the recipe file, then just check it each time to see if I threw the same ingredients in.  Cooking, well crap, stir fry is always a good one when you're sick of cooking.  There are tons of books out there now on easy, healthy cooking, get one or two, or for goodness sake, hit the web.

Take care my friends, and the next installment will be on my one year anniversary, (with pictures, lol)

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LeeDahlen38 wrote 47 months ago:
Well said! Like I'm surprised! Thanks for all the help recently. I havr results but cant publish them yet. Too soon! LYMI (love ya mean it)
LLRider wrote 47 months ago:
Your complete food diary & 300+ days are inspiring. I only have five friends ... so it doesn't take me long to see what my pals are up to. Early on I dropped a few gals who either didn't log food at all or ate strange meals (e.g., dinner = 4 T creamy peanut butter & shot of Jack Daniels (nothing against the Jack, but 4 T of peanut butter ... for pity sake!)
tialynn1 wrote 47 months ago:
Nice blog! I am struggling with the food intake. I am honestly tryhing to get better at it. I have done very well with the exercise and slacked on the food and exercise over the summer. I have jumped right back into exercise, but am really struggling with the food, even more than before.
lynstans wrote 47 months ago:
I, too, am tired of watching every bite I eat after just 4 months or so, but the logging in keeps me in line. Also, I just found 2 friends here and they are very inspiring. I looked for people about my age and locality and that were also losing more than a few pounds and that has helped. One loves exercise and I'm going to try to start exercising more because of her, but not until canning season is over and I know I have the time to dedicate to it.
opal24 wrote 47 months ago:
Great post! I agree both with the need to keep friends who are really serious about this whole process (even if their food choices might not be your own!), and with the fact that after many months of logging and thinking about every mouthful it starts to become a real chore. I'm also like you - I know that if I didn't log it wouldn't take long for my food intake to creep back up. I'm very glad to have your support on here - and delighted that I made the cut! Looking forward to the one year post and photos :-)

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