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Starting a Healthy Lifestyle is Hard

Getting healthy takes discipline.

It's hard to change habits, think about what you need to do, try new things, fail, find what works for you and then stick with it. It's hard to shop and cook and eat differently. It's hard to leave that third piece of pizza in the box, even though you aren't hungry, it's hard to head to the gym when you want to sleep in or flex running around your families needs. It's hard to make sure that you have fruit or yogurt for the 3pm hungries instead of hitting the machines. Its hard to portion out everything and track it all.

The good news is that this becomes habitual...routine...

What shouldn't be hard is being hungry all the time, feeling fatigued or cold, being cranky, missing the foods you love to indulge in.

This shouldn't be hard, because you shouldn't be doing it. Those are signs you aren't eating enough.

Bump up your calories by 100 until you feel hungry before meals, satisfied after, and not-hungry in between. Eat what you want.

You are an adult and can make good choices about what your body needs.

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MrsG1994 wrote 3 months ago:
Wow great ideas. I just had to up my calories bc after a few months of 1200 cals, I just can't take it anymore. Down 42 with 23 left to go. I think you are right, adding 100 or so is probably what I need. I love the balanced approach you wrote! Thanks.
PhitnessWorks wrote 3 months ago:
So true!
JojoEffeckt164 wrote 3 months ago:
According to the mfp I´m eating enaugh and first I had no issues but now, after a month I felt colt, while my fiance was next to me in the flat with a t-shirt! And I felt kind of dizzy! I´m going to consult my doctor about this that week.

Thank you for mentioning it. Now I´m sure that it most likely has to do with the lifestyle change I´m doing right now.
vardaeml wrote 3 months ago:
MFP is a great tool and a great guideline. However, my experience has been that it underestimates my BMR by 200 calories. Don't be afraid to experiment. Adding 100-200 calories isn't going to make you gain weight. At the most, you'll find your current maintenance level, which is really important information.

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