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I allowed myself to...

This phrase is one of the most powerful phrases you can use in life. 

When you blame someone else or something else you give away your power.  When you take responsibility for your choices you take back the power and you can make changes.  This statement also removes excuses.  It's not, "I did this because...".  

I allowed myself to gain the weight.  

I allowed myself to skip workouts.

I allowed myself to eat things I didn't really want when offered them.

I allowed myself to pretend it wasn't happening.

What have you allowed recently and what are you doing to change that?  The power is in your hands, how are you going to use it?

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KelARita7 wrote 10 months ago:
Gosh ALL OF THE ABOVE! They are things I have been talking to myself about and trying to get my mindset set in the direction to make some changes.
tkctgriffith wrote 10 months ago:
Last night... I allowed myself to skip a workout". I was tired and needed rest more than a workout. Luckily, I still lost some weight. Speaking like this says you are controlling you, not anyone else.
debbie14892 wrote 10 months ago:
Everything you listed and then some! I definitely need to take back the power.
jillclayville wrote 10 months ago:
Oh man... talk about guilt trip... but a guilt trip in the best possible way. The only way we can turn things around is to be honest about where we are and how we got there.

I allowed myself to have a chocolate dipped cookie at lunch today, even though I am dissatisfied with my current body composition. =(
crystaldelise wrote 10 months ago:
Exactly, and you can allow yourself to not feel guilty when you start changing those things to a more positive healthier you.
vishalb08 wrote 10 months ago:
Very true.
I used to blame the whole world for my current state of life. Hence I never could take a positive step forward.
But once I decided to take responsibility for my life & my actions, I can see a ray of hope for myself.

whatsizbucket wrote 10 months ago:
I was going to not ride the exercise bike today. My sciatic nerve was acting up yesterday on it. I took yesterday off when all it needed was a minor adjustment on the height. My legs were at a weird angle yesterday. So I fixed it. I *will* do this!
The_Movie_Chair wrote 10 months ago:
I allowed myself to come here and change.
Pamela_June wrote 10 months ago:
Absolutely so very true... and I am guilty of all of it! Time to take back control!
surfer68 wrote 10 months ago:
marymcgee54 wrote 10 months ago:
Great blog. This one really hit home with me:
"I allowed myself to pretend it wasn't happening"
Now I'm allowing myself to do something about it!
tlanger251 wrote 10 months ago:
but it's not all just a psychological addiction. carbs/sugar is a real physical addiction... I guess I did allow myself to not stand in front of a mirror for months though...
orionaimee wrote 10 months ago:
This is so true.
kamamakai wrote 10 months ago:
I allowed myself to think I didn't care if I was fat.
I allowed myself to think it was only me that my weight affected.
I allowed myself to be an all-or-nothing thinker.
I allowed myself to think I could never be thinner.

These were all lies that I allowed myself. But it's only been since losing more than 100 pounds that I can clearly see that. Nowadays ...

I allow myself to know I am so much happier thinner.
I allow myself to know how my losing weight has had such a strong, positive impact on my family.
I allow myself to know that, within certain parameters, I can once-in-awhile have more caloric foods if the next few days I cut back down. Life is not black and white.
I allow myself to finally understand that being thin is actually my true nature.

netite wrote 10 months ago:
This post brought tears to my eyes and have changed the direction of my day. Thank you for your words.
brookielaw wrote 10 months ago:
I've been allowing myself to get a lot less exercise, blaming an aching knee and dealing with the death of a loved one.

I've been allowing myself to eat outside my macros, and more than I should be eating.

To change that I have set 3 appointments to get me some help with the food and emotional issues. I've set an appointment to deal with the knee aches. I've set an activity goal to ramp back up to where I need to be, and I've given myself some additional accountability by sharing the issues and solution.
Wysewoman53 wrote 10 months ago:
Life is definitely about choices. I figure everything I do, everything I eat is simply a choice so I choose to eat healthier and I choose to maintain my weight. When I do go off the rails, that is also my choice to make. I just choose to stay on track more often than not. One thing for sure, when we allow ourselves to make our own choices and thereby owning them, for better or worse, life becomes much easier and happier.
daneejela wrote 10 months ago:
I allowed myself not to care about my appearance.
I allowed myself to gain weight.
I allowed myself to act as it I was not in control.
I allowed myself to live like there are additional lives available when this one is over.
I allowed myself to let go.
cuetogomez wrote 10 months ago:
Sometimes we just say, I lost the weight and now that i lost it won´t happen again.

cuetogomez wrote 10 months ago:
Or we can just say, Once I´m skinny, I will be like those guys who can eat a whole pantry and don´t gain any weight. (I hate those guys though)
QueenPrudie wrote 10 months ago:
I allowed myself to fail me. I am now trying hard to allow myself to cherish and value my body while I transform it. thank you for the post awesome
wayofthewah wrote 10 months ago:
I allowed myself some biscuits with my tea this evening
Why?Because i trained my ass off after fasting all day ( 15 HOURS for Ramadan ) and i wanted a pick me up plus i was way under my calories for the day. Who's in control? Me! I also had a perfect green smoothie. Wheatgrass, pineapple, avocado, coconut water, spinach. One day at a time. BOOM!
chetvr wrote 10 months ago:
I allowed myself to go out and run 3 miles even though I was fighting myself hard not to do it.
I allowed myself to put on that new blouse even though I kept thinking I could wear a tee and not feel as good.
jmolivia wrote 10 months ago:
I have been allowing myself to step onto the scale multiple times a day and to feel bad or good about myself based on what I see. I am scared because I successfully lost some weight last summer, and I had faith at the beginning that I would lose, so I was able to be sensible about how often I stepped on the scale. Toward the end I was cheating on my logging and on the scale all the time. I restarted the diet about a week ago, and I can't stay off the scale. I am not allowing myself time to lose, and I'm scared about that because I feel like I'm already failing, one week in.
IndySue13 wrote 10 months ago:
I allowed myself to let others define who I am.
ButterballBookworm wrote 10 months ago:
I have allowed myself to find all kinds of reasons why I will fail. Now I will allow myself to find all kinds of reasons why I CAN'T fail.
KimsHealthJourney wrote 10 months ago:
Thank you for sharing this! Great read!!! So true. Not a thing in it to disagree with!!!
lisafred24 wrote 9 months ago:
I allowed myself to gain back the 80 lbs. I lost 5 yrs ago.
I allowed myself to blame the emotional roller coaster of the last year for my eating habits.

I allowed myself to blame all that I have on my plate for the reason to "not have time" to exercise.

I allowed myself to get emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted trying "to do it all", instead of asking for help.

I sit here today disgusted with myself for allowing this to happen. In May 2016 my husband was run over by a cement mixer and drug 38 feet. It resulted in him having a broken left hip and femur, a broken right tibia and fibula, a crushed right ankle, a broken right foot, a torn trapezius muscle and 15 broken ribs. This has resulted in a total of 5 major surgeries, 6 weeks in the hospital, 6 1/2 weeks in rehab hospital, months of PT, numerous nerve blocks, a ridiculous amount of meds, doctor visits, etc. As of today, he has still not returned to work, but it is looking like he might in the next 30 days.

I allowed this situation to be my excuse to eat whatever I wanted and saying "I have to eat what I can because I am always on the run". I know I could have made better choices and should have, but I didn't.

I allowed this situation to be my excuse to not exercise because "I had so much on my plate, I can't fit one more thing in, I am tired." I know I could have walked the halls of the hospital for exercise, but I didn't.

Now I sit here having gained back all of the 80 lbs I lost and I am done with the excuses. Time to get motivated.
Jacquibaldwin82 wrote 9 months ago:
I chose this blog to read because I loved that phrase, and my answer was "allowed myself to be a priority in my own life". We can also take ownership of the positive changes we are making.
CallMeCupcakeDammit wrote 9 months ago:
All of it. And I get pissed off at myself for it, then I forget (literally) and keep doing the same crap over and over. I found out my triglycerides are really high, and I keep forgetting that, too. You'd think when your doctor tells you you're gonna die that it would maybe stick in your brain, but my brain is like mush lately. I also allowed myself to get pushed to the back of the line, and it's time I allow myself to be #1 again.

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