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Feeling empowered...

Just checking in to see how everyone isdoing with their weight loss goals! I truly feel empowered right now. I feel the "sweet" tooth and cravings are gone! That is the best feeling. Fruit tastes sweet and bbq from one of my places tastes SO salty I almost couldn't eat it. I haven't felt hungry today at all and while I am eating my calories, it is a good feeling to not "feel starved!" I also have been eating 3 meals and 2 snacks daily so I haven't gone to bed with that big heavy feeling in my stomach at all. That in itself is a great feeling as I have acid reflux disease which is probably caused by overeating!

I thank God for keeping me focused and the reminders I get of His power and grace if I will just give it to Him. I pray all of you will feel His presence in this battle. It has been my life burden from high school where I used to binge/purge with bulimia and got down to 104 pounds and wasn't eating and exercised like mad. I was going towards anorexia by not eating at all. Therefore, I am now on the other end at over 200 pounds and still facing demons through eating. I will be so glad to be free of this bondage that has truly enslaved me since 4th grade! If you are a praying person, please remember me in your prayers as I face this difficult journey!   I will lift you up as well...

Challenges for the week:

  • Superbowl party tomorrow night... need to write it down and stick to it.  I know what everyone is serving!
  • Getting that water in...


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Denfks wrote 74 months ago:
Some days are harder than others. I thank God for all of them. The hard days remind me to be humble, and the easy days make me thankful. May we all more of the latter! Have a great Superbowl Sunday!
MadeToCraveHIM wrote 74 months ago:
You were made for more than this crazy battle with food as we all were! I'm so proud of how well you're doing :) You're making healthy strides to change your lifestyle and those are the ones that will stick with you! Congratulations and I look forward to seeing your progress on here.

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