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The body weight simulator

I'm a Pinterest junkie. I have boards for everything: recipes, diy crafts, yarncrafting, jewelry, holidays, beauty tips, and fitness of course. Recently I found a nice little web app that I added to my fitness board. It's a little program that shows you what your body should look like at various weights for your height. Here's mine:

The left image is my current weight of 173lbs, and the right image is my goal of 130lbs. Now, it doesn't take into account body fat percentages, only weight, height and general body shape (hourglass, apple or pear), but it's kind of neat to see the transformation. I'm really looking forward to that right-hand picture becoming a reality... only 43 lbs to go! (To be fair, I started at 60 lbs to go, so I guess I'm doing ok.)

If you want to try this app out, you can find it here:

 ETA: As mom (carpetbagger) said in the comments, the above link doesn't seem to be working right now. You can, however, try this one:

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carpetbagger12000 wrote 61 months ago:
That link doesn't seem to work, but this one does:

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